5 Reasons to be a Blog Tour Host for The Masquerade Crew

5 Reasons to be a Blog Tour Host for The Masquerade Crew

The Masquerade Crew makes it easy to participate in Blog Tours. Plus there are some great benefits.

#1 Blog tours from The Masquerade Crew are very easy to post. Lots of tours only require copying and pasting the material. They are set up to look good on most blogs, so if you don't want to mess with putting a post together or don't want to alter HTML code, this is a major plus for you.

#2 The Copy & Paste functionality means Mark (from the Masquerade Crew) has been able to put together a database of blog tours to choose from. Call it Blog Tour Central, if you will. Tour hosts have access to all previous tours on one page. This means not only a variety for your blog but another reason why it's so easy to participate.

#3 Another reason why working with the Masquerade Crew is so easy is that they have few restrictions or requirements. For example, most tours don't have a specific date range. Post the material whenever you like.

Because of the database feature, tour hosts have access to all previous tours and anyone can post them at anytime. Yes, this means tours that happened before you joined their crew. Actually, that's a misnomer. Most tours from the Masquerade Crew don't really ever end. New tour hosts can catch up by posting for all previous tours.

A lot of other tour crews restrict what you can do and can't do. Not so with The Masquerade Crew. Your tour posts don't have to be the only posts of the day nor the first one of the day. In most cases you don't have to officially sign up for a tour. You just post it. Pure and simple.

#4 On the tour page (referred to above) there's a place to "turn in" your tour posts—a simple form. Those that sign up for The Masquerade Crew Book Club and use the form to submit their blog tour posts earn points. Those points can later be turned in for prizes, such as ebooks, paperbacks, gift cards, and the like.

#5 Probably the greatest reason of all to join the Masquerade Crew Blog Tour outfit is that you will be helping to spread the word of Indie books. Some outfits make authors take out a second mortgage on their home in order to get a blog tour. (not really) However, the Masquerade Crew makes it easy for authors and blog tour hosts alike with cheaper prizes and an easy and rewarding format.

There's a form below to sign up as a blog tour host. Be sure to grab a button for your website as well.

Sign Up!

If you've signed up for this in the past, you don't need to do so again. If you don't see a form (since not all blogs are able to show it), you can access it HERE. You can also sign up for the Masquerade Crew Book Club at that link or below if it shows up on this blog.