Quite a few letters up for grabs for next month's #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z Challenge this year, this site is going to recommend our favorite Indie authors. Only major stipulation: we can't recommend ourselves.

Here are the letters I've received so far.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • J
  • J (will convert to D)
  • L
  • L (will convert to N)
  • M
  • O
  • R
  • V
  • W
  • X (would like another option, the current converted to P)
  • Z

First of all, I think it's kinda amazing that only two letters were repeated. And what's even better: both of the repeats have easy replaceable letters. X is the problem letter. Someone turned in Xtraordinary for X, which will work in a pinch, but I would really love to have an actual X word, such as the first name Xavier.

Do we know any indie authors with the first name Xavier?

If so, why don't you recommend them for the A to Z Challenge? The form is at the bottom of this post.

So, here are the letters I'm still looking for. (Strike out means its been turned in)

  • I
  • K
  • Q
  • S
  • T
  • U
  • X
  • Y

I know, there are some difficult letters left to fill. Besides X which I've already talked about, here are some ideas for the remaining letters.

  • I - Irene or Irony (for a writer good at irony)
  • K - Kevin or Knight (for a writer who writes medieval literature)
  • Q - Queen (such as a female writer who is "queen" of some genre)
  • S - Steven, Smith, or Style (as in writing style)
  • T - Tom, Thompson, or Take it Easy (as in a writer who writes light-hearted, easy reads)
  • U - Unique (as in a writer who has a unique style)
  • Y - Young (a name, a young writer, or a writer of books for the young)

Would you like to recommend an Indie author using one of the above letters? Don't forget X either. If so, fill out the form below.