Getting The Nerve To Write Again - syndicated from @ImSimplyDebbie

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I have been away from the blogging world for awhile now. Although I have blogged sporadically throughout the summer I have not been doing my usual writings on Twitter or blogging as normally as I usually do. The most important things in life have come to the surface for me in several different ways. I have come to realize through many different events that I have to find out what I truly want and go after it, no longer being afraid.

Debbie DeVita

Simply Debbie
A few months back I found out that I have two chronic illnesses that supposedly are incurable. I won’t bore you all with the details or the specifics because I don’t find them important and I also am a very private person when it comes to sharing very personal information over the internet. The people, who know me, know my situation well. Because of this diagnosis, I have had to revamp my dreams a bit and decide what is most important to me.

I don’t see the dreams that I originally wanted coming true, since I am unable to work 50-60 hours a week which is what would be required to be what I originally wanted to become. However, with each disappointment I have learned that new dreams and directions are just as important. God won’t let me fall. He knows what is best for me and if He changed my path, there is a very good reason for it all.

Struggling with daily pain is hard enough in this life but the depression that comes with it is sometimes impossible to shake. Although, I think of myself to be a strong person and I have loved ones who help me through it, it is still an every day battle to keep moving forward. I have found it hard to be the positive and inspiring person I have shown myself to be for so long on my main Twitter account. This is why I haven’t tweeted as regularly as I normally would. Sometimes you just can’t inspire others, till you have time to work on yourself.

While dealing with all this, I decided to write for the first time yesterday and pulled up my blog to find some hateful and evil comments on it. Since I can approve all comments, nobody but me was privy to them. I will say this; they hurt really badly especially because this person obviously knows me well because they had private information about me. All I will say is this: If you know me personally then you know what goes on in my life and who I love. If you don’t know me personally then honestly you don’t have the right to know all that I go through, or any personal information about me.

I keep myself and my personal life private because lets be honest, this is the internet and we don’t know the people who are on it. I share the things I want to share. If you don’t like it, then don’t read my blog. Don’t follow me. I never said I was perfect or that I would let you in on my entire life story. I live to inspire others which is what my purpose is here. If I can help one person each day, it would be enough. This is me. I have my flaws and imperfections. At the end of the day, all I really want is to be an inspiration on some level. This is me. Take it or leave it.