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Black Water Tales

The Secret Keepers

by JeanNicole Rivers

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As we kick off National Novel Writing Month, I challenge you to be inspired. Too many people sit around and wait for inspiration to hit them like an ice cream truck. Bam! Suddenly it’s raining colorful, sweet goodness, but being inspired is hardly acquired with so little merit.

If you want inspiration, you must choose it and you must claim it. Inspiration comes when you choose to live an inspired life and that is not something that is just bestowed upon you by the all benevolent writing gods (and oh, how I wish we had those); it is something that you have to make an effort toward every single day. As inspiration goes, you must dig out your own unique path, but the following tips may push you toward the first step of your inspirational journey.

Open yourself. Open yourself to joy, pain, embarrassment or whatever emotion life has in store for you at the time. One of the many reasons that children are so creative is because they are open, but as we get older and become adults we come up with an array of defense mechanisms to protect us from life and one of them is simply shutting down. While in a frenzy of fortifying ourselves from things that may hurt us, we put up walls that let nothing in, no bad, no good and certainly, no inspiration. Take a chance and open yourself to whatever may come, you may get hurt, you may get lucky, you may get a novel.

Look deeper and move slow. Stop and smell the roses; I love that cliché. Some of the greatest stories ever told have the simplest elements, storylines and meanings. Great tales are inconspicuously placed in our daily lives just waiting to be told, but we are always so busy moving, just moving to get here or there or anywhere that we miss them. Don’t miss great opportunities on your rush up the ladder; it is the great opportunities that provide the crucial steps of your ladder.

Inspire others. No matter what job or hobby we do on this planet, the one thing that matters is that we live a good life. Do things simply because they are the right thing to do even when no one is paying attention. Karma can either be a mothersucker or a fairy godmother, you choose. When you put out great stuff, you’ll be surprised what you get back.

Live an inspired life and try some of these inspirational routines to get a boost when you need one.


Be inspired.