Never ending of surprises. A Love by Any Measure by @killianmcrae #review

A Love by
Any Measure

Written by Killian McRae

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Synopsis

August Grayson has secretly dreamt of the girl living on his family’s Irish estate since childhoods spent together in Killarney. Now a proper Lord of the British Empire, he knows that Maeve could never be more than just a distant fantasy. Still, if only...

Maeve O’Connor owns nothing in this world but her good name, which proves just enough to win a proposal for a marriage of convenience to a good, Irish lad. Until the wedding, however, she’s in dire straits. Rent on the cottage she and her father share is due, but there simply isn’t the money to pay. Driven to desperation, Maeve hopes Lord Grayson, her childhood-chum-turned-dashing-English-rogue, will prove lenient when she comes seeking clemency.

The temptation presented proves too much, and August offers Maeve a compromise: should she permit him twice as long on each succeeding visit to do whatever he wishes in pursuit of his pleasure, he will consider her rent paid. Starting with a mere five seconds, pulses soon out race the ticking clock, as August’s desires become Maeve’s own. Passion blinds them to the challenges closing in on both the Irish and English fronts, threatening to destroy them both.

Working to bridge that which divides them, tempting fate with each stolen kiss, and torn between desire and obligation, Maeve and August must strive to overcome all and find a love by any measure.

Crystal Newman's Rating

Crystal Newman's Review

When I first started reading about Lord August Grayson and Maeve O'Connor. I didn't know if I really liked August or not. The plan that he has for Maeve isn't something a gentleman would do. I know that Maeve wants to save her home and will so what she can to save it.

This book has so many surprises. Just when you think you know what is going to happen something else changes the course and you are taken on a new discovery. I seen myself start to like August and then I got mad at him again. It was just like an off and on relationship between how I felt about him.

The plot of the story was great and I never felt that there could be more. I just can't really explain the feelings I get with this book. I love the Irish and hate the way they were treated. I really didn't like August dad. The way he treated his wife and kids and then anyone else that had any Irish bllos in them.

I never saw what happened almost at the end. I was shocked and just didn't know how they would repair the damage that had been done. I can say that I loved the ending. There really isn't much more I can say because I don't want to give anything away.

I would recommend you to read this book. If you love historical romances and a book about true love with a never ending of surprises you will enjoy this book."

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