Calling All Editors! We're looking for editors.

There's good news on the time-travel anthology front. A publishing company I do promo work for has agreed to take me on and the publishing work I bring. A new imprint is being created for anthologies, which will include the anthologies I'm putting together as well as others that the company brings to my attention.

There is one hitch, though. Currently the writers who publish through this company have to pay for their own editing, but that's not part of my vision for my publishing business. So, I'm looking for editors who are willing to work from royalties and other service based payments. If that's you, keep reading.

Up to 30% of the profits from the anthologies will be set aside for the editing department (an exact percentage has not be set), but I'm also willing to compensate for services by promoting you on this blog, such as a blog post about your book or your editing services. However, not all of the payment can be in the form of promotion. I expect all editors to take some of the same risk that writers do. If a book does not sell, no one makes money. If a book sells well, we all make money.

What I will not guarantee at this point is prepayment for any editing work or agreement. If you will only take on a new client/manuscript to edit if you are paid beforehand, stop reading. That's not what I'm looking for.

For the rest of you (anyone willing to work off of royalties and/or promotion), please fill out the following form. I don't know what I'll need for the current project(s), but if this publishing gig is to be long-term, I'll need a contact list of editors I can call upon. If one person is too busy to take on work at the time, I'll need others to fall back on.

I ask several questions to help me decide which editors to use, such as editing experience, but as long as someone is willing to do a sample edit to show their skill, experience is secondary.