Sassy and funny. From Serbia with Love by @YvonneCrowe #satire

From Serbia With Love

by Yvonne Crowe

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Jovan Vukasin (Jован Вукашин), is the Boss of a Serbian Gang in London, with a James Bond complex.

Why has his street cred plummeted to the level of radio active waste; and why has he set out on a series of blunders that can only spell disaster in the long run, putting his ultimate goal of emulating James Bond’s lifestyle on the Riviera in jeopardy?

After settling on a daring raid, targeting the Ukrainian London gang Pakhan’s cache of diamonds, which are expected to arrive in Tel Aviv, he sends out his troops to relieve the opposition of their gemstones, which results in hilarious consequences.

How does Danylko, the Ukrainian pakhan, react to this?

The story rockets through Tel Aviv, Bulgaria, Serbia and Africa, with a fast turnover of candidates for the top job, before returning to London, where chaos reigns supreme with no firm guiding hand directing the business.

How can Scotland Yard keep the ultimate gangland war from erupting in London?

All of this leaves God convulsed with mirth, at the futile attempts of mankind to usurp Himself in the scheme of things.

Praise for From Serbia With Love

A really enjoyable and unusual read. The story moves naturally from scene to scene and is constantly intriguing and involving. The twists and turns kept me guessing from page to page; I really did find it hard to put down as I always wanted to know what happened next. Satire is not a genre with which I have been familiar - but I am converted! Well done Yvonne.

This gave me a good laugh. I like books that take the mickey out of sleazes who take themselves seriously and create havoc in society.

The writer's view of the main protagonist whose vision of himself as James Bond, or better than, brings these gangsters lives into perspective. They are simply crude, egocentric bullies, who rule through fear and murder, so its great having a laugh at their expense.

I enjoyed the fast pace as they galloped their way through different countries, leaving collateral damage in their path wherever they go. However, they meet their just results in a hilarious race to be first past the post.

This is a sassy, funny, lighthearted poke at urban gang warfare which kept me turning the pages until I finished the book. I laughed my way through it as the central characters go rollicking around London, Tel Aviv, Bulgaria, Serbia and Africa, in an attempt to outdo one other.

I really enjoyed the characterizations of the leaders and their henchmen and as they begin to disintegrate with hilarious consequences, the structure of the gangs in London begin to implode. It's a great change from crime stories that take themselves seriously. Buy it and see for yourself.

Author Bio

I have always loved reading, and as a child it was my escape from a difficult childhood. I would make up fantasy stories and escape to this special place. Luckily I excelled in writing, speech, history and drama at school.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, I spent part of my childhood living in Fiji and learned the reality of racism, which does not sit well with me. I am unable to restrain myself from becoming emotionally involved in humanitarian issues, as well as with my clients and readers, so this comes through in my stories. Whilst living in Australia and the United States, which I thoroughly enjoyed, family and friends told me that my letters were so descriptive, they felt they were there with me.

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