This book is scary, but in the sense that this could really happen. Fall of the Citizens by @etflint

Fall of the Citizens

by Eric Thomas

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A pharmaceutical company receives a lucrative government contract for a vaccine currently coveted by the entire U.S. population. They set the price at $60,000 per shot, putting the vaccine out of the reach of all but the wealthiest of Americans. The situation creates a class warfare powder keg that only needs one thing to ignite, the words of a man.

This man is known simply as Max, a man who believes revolution is the only remedy to the disparity between the haves and the have nots. He sets to work at gathering a talented, highly motivated group he calls “The Citizens” and tasks them with recruiting all those who feel like the world stopped being on their side a long time ago. Together they record a message to the American people with Max’s moving words “I refuse to be your slave. I refuse to let you distract me with fear and promise me a tomorrow that will never come. I refuse to let you drain me of hope so that I am docile, broken and clinging to the absolute minimum. I refuse to live my life as a reaction to your choices.”

A revolution has begun.

Praise for Fall of the Citizens

For me, it highlighted the problems of poverty and how the downtrodden will rise up eventually, and that it only takes 'someone with charisma' to lead the way to a better life and so bring downfall to those who have always taken advantage and thought themselves more worthy. Of course, we have all heard the phrase, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely', and history shows us this has happened time and time again, although in this book, I'm certain that the weaknesses of the 'leader' weren't just a result of the newly-found power.

This book is scary, but in the sense that this could really happen. It's a story of how the media, government, and big corporations control the lower and middle class and the revolt of those lower classes.

A deadly outbreak threatens mankind and a greedy pharm company extorts average citizens for a vaccine when they should be giving it away for the good of mankind. What follows is a class struggle, rich versus poor.

Very well written, held my interest to the last page. The book had some great parallels to the French Revolution, I'm a big history buff and really enjoyed that aspect.

Author Bio

Eric Thomas, writing this in third person which he finds irritating, lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with his dog and cat. He is the author of two books, Fall of the Citizens and DRT (A Ghost Story). He is working on a third book called Narciuss which will be out whenever it's finished, based on the author's obsession with Instagram.

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