Ways to Follow a Blog, reposted from @toithomas

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Email is the best way for me to follow a blog, because it reminds me that I’m even following a certain blog and when I’m not in the mood, I simply delete the message or come back to it later.

WordPress is a community of bloggers and blog followers, and the follow feature is built in, but you can still customize it. If it’s a blog I know I really don’t want to miss, I’ll set up a daily or weekly digest for my email. Other than that, I make a point to visit the WordPress Reader a few times a week. WordPress is ideal because it lets you see who’s following you and others can see if you are following them.
Networked Blog is great if you’re already using it to follow other blogs. I also like it because I can see the people who are following me and they can see that I’m following them.
For Blogger, Google Friend connect does this also, but I find that it’s sometimes not the best way to follow to actually receive content. Again I can see who’s following me and they and see me.
Ah, Feedly. I heart Feedly. It has become my go to blog reader. Most blogs I follow, I actually follow twice, unless I do an email subscription. I try to follow as much as possible using Worpress, Networked Blogs, and Google Friend Connect, just so my little face is there smiling at my favorite bloggers, but I find that if I’m actually reading and commenting on that bloggers content, it’s because of Feedly. Feedly keeps me from having to go to all the above mentioned places to visit all the blogs I follow because they are all in one place.
Now, there’s Bloglovin. So, for once I’m really late on something I already knew about but didn’t realize. Let me explain. I follow a few fashion blogs. I got into the habit because of my sister Tori who loves fashion and is constantly teaching me a thing or two about it. I follow all my fashion blogs through Bloglovin and for some reason figured that’s all Bloglovin was for. How silly of me.
Sooooo, I guess I’ll be playing around with Bloglovin and Feedly to see which suits me best, but knowing me, I’ll probably end up using them both.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords #cursescanbebroken