"Action and romance in perfect combination!" The Fog by @chrstnwll #paranormal

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The Fog

Written by Christine Wall

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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In 2050 the city of Washington, D.C. is a very different place. Riddled with crime, the brave detectives fight criminals, terrorists, and a phenomenon that threatens to destroy the world–The Fog. All consuming and relentless it devours people and buildings, a natural anomaly with the destructive strength of multiple tornadoes.

Or is it? For Detectives Lainey Turner and Jack Callahan their relentless pursuit of a terrorist named Damian leads them into a mystery that will change their future forever. Brought together by hate but destined for love, these soul mates are forced into an impossible situation; to sacrifice their future to save the world from Damian and The Fog.

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The Fog


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Fans are saying

This is a great story that has action and romance in perfect combination! I was highly entertained and can't wait to read more work written by Christine Wall!

— fanfan

A constant adventure with a bit of mystery thrown in. Will the heroes overcome their obstacles? Read and find out!

Author Bio

Christine Wall

Growing up with Saturday matinee's filled with science fiction, adventure and excitement led Christine to want to write compelling universes for others to explore. In her debut novel, The Fog she combines her love of science fiction and romance in a time not so far away. 

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Christine is an author, screenwriter and actress and splits her time between Toronto and Vancouver. Her love of storytelling has led her to Hollywood with her success in screenplay contests and a decent ranking in the Nicholl Fellowships(Oscars) 2011. 

When she's not writing, Christine is acting, learning Japanese and pursuing her love of martial arts. She loves feedback and can easily be found on her website www.christinewall.com