Short Term Advertising Options #marketing #ebooks

By tweeting this post, you can earn 
promotional tweets from me as part of the 
Amazon Tweet Exchange.

Details here.

This post is out of date!

NOTE: The first week of June (1st through 7th) is not available. 

Are you looking for a burst of exposure for your novel? Well, in that case, you've come to the "write" place.

When should you use this kind of promo option?

The short answer is when you want all your paid exposure to take place over a definite period of time—a few days to a few weeks—instead of spread out over an indefinite period of time (months). If you are looking for more long term exposure, see this post.

  • Cover Reveal
  • Launch day celebration
  • Promote a giveaway*
  • Kindle Free Days†
  • Kindle Countdown Promotion
  • Book is on sale for a short time

*I will not administer, manage, or create a giveaway with this type of promotion. The author/agent of the author will need to provide the Rafflecopter code or similar.

†If your book is always free, long term tweets could spread out your exposure, reaching more people in the long run.

Another time to use this kind of promotion is when you don't want to stand in line, waiting on your turn, which is what happens with the long term promos. I'm about a month behind at present, though I am trying very hard to catch up.

Short Term Advantage

By far, the biggest advantage is a slew of unique tweets during the campaign. Long term tweets repeat. Doesn't take me long to come up with 10 unique tweets and then use them many times over.

But with this campaign I spend more time composing tweets. The variety of tweets will bring in more people in the short term. Long term tweets are still better for overall traffic, but you have to have the patience to allow the people to trickle in over a time period of a month or more.

This advantage creates a slight disadvantage, though minor in comparison. Because I'm spending more time on composing tweets, this promotion option gives you fewer tweets overall.

Two Packages

Package #1 — $20
  • Promo post
  • 500/600 total tweets (including tweets from me, others, and retweets)
Package #2 — $30
  • Promo post
  • 900/1,000 tweets (including tweets from me, others, and retweets)
  • I will email book club members who have signed up for your genre. 
    • (More than 200 people for most genres)
The author will let me know the details via an online form, but let me make this clear, I don't want you filling out the form if you have not paid for the promotion.