"Love, fiction and destiny as the backbone." Seal of the King by @ralmart01 #fantasy

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Seal of the King

Written by Ralph Smith

Genre: Christain Fantasy

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The battle between dark and light rages and the world is on the cusp of a tipping point. Will an age of darkness befall mankind or will the light prevail? 

David and Aurora have seen visions of each other their entire lives but never met, until now. Aurora a fearsome warrior and David a simple farmer are thrust into the heart of the battle. An ancient prophecy foretells of their final showdown with the Dark One. Will their faith be strong enough for them to prevail? 

Join them as they embark on their journey to the lair of the beast knowing they may never return.

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Seal of the King


Here's what

Fans are saying

This is a great read, with amazingly developed characters, with love, fiction and destiny as the backbone of the story.

It reminded me of many modern science fiction shows, where the love between the main characters, transcends time and space and whatever happens, they always end up together.

This is by far one of the most captivating books, I've ready in a while. Recommended!!!

— Peter S.

If you are a person that likes cutting edge Sci-fi, this is the read for you. This is a devout love story about 2 people who find each other across time and space, both uniting against an unstoppable evil. Within the story is a baseline Christian twist that embraces the love these 2 individuals have for one another.

Shadows of the great show Legend of the Seeker(presently this show is being supported for a possible return to the screen) seem present within the format of this tale. You can't miss with this one, a great read!!

Author Bio

Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith - was born in 1964, and grew up in Northport, NY. 

I'll never forget those days when we would walk to school, ride bikes to the beach, play stick ball in the street, and hang out under the street lights until well past dark. Life was simpler then and I learned something really important (although it took me many years to understand it). 

Every day of your life is what you make of it. I've had my share of good and bad days. No matter what we face in life, how we face it is just as important as the outcome. 

I like the current phrase "Be Present", but I would take it one step further. Make the most out of every moment, so that if anyone is your last you can look back in pride at not having wasted it. How we touch the lives of those around us is far more important than what we've accomplished. 

I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and three sons who fill my life with purpose every day.