"Drew me in from the beginning." A Changed World by @NoelAnneBrennan #paranormal

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A Changed World

Written by Noel-Anne Brennan

Genre: Urban Paranormal

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It is after the Change, a drastic alteration of climate and environment brought about by global warming and chemical buildup in the environment. Sage has lived in the mountains and plains of North America all her life. She grew up in a poor village family, and would have been given as a concubine to the sons of a wealthy family when she turned fourteen.

Rather than accept this fate, she ran away, and lived a hard a life on the plains until she was accepted by an all woman Wander Band. When her apprentice is stolen she is drawn into a journey that takes her across a changed world. In the process she saves a village girl, partners with a mountain lion and meets Thomas, a man from the eastern coast who has far too many secrets.

Together this odd group must brave dangers to right some terrible wrongs and to save the world from a threat it does not realize exists.

An excerpt from

A Changed World


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Fans are saying

This book took 3 nights to finish. Actually 2 - I read 70% of it the first night, slept the second, and finished the 3rd. I couldn't put it down! The concept drew me in from the beginning - a self-outcast who doesn't fit, and prefers to be by herself. Add a mind-communicating cougar, and I was lost. 8-)

The subtle exhortation to humans regarding their arrogance about what they could do to the planet is there for anyone to read, but one is not bludgeoned with it - it's just *there*. Pay heed, folks.

I LOVE this book. Upon starting to read it I was immediately hooked, and was very sorry when I finished the last page.

Noel-Anne Brennan gives a very interesting glimpse of a possible future. The characters which ultimately form an alliance for their quest (all with their own histories and purposes) are engaging, and it's marvelous to discover along with them the new abilities they have in this changed world of the future. (It should be no surprise to those who know cats that the big cat in this story has superior mind abilities to those of the humans.)

Noel-Anne's writing is full and rich and wonderfully descriptive (and at times reads like poetry). It's not often I'm this sorry when I've read the last page of a book. I would like to find out what happens next with these characters, and hope someday there will be a continuation of this story.

Author Bio

Noel-Anne Brennan

Noel-Anne Brennan has spent most of her time reading fantasy and science fiction. She has been writing it since 1986 when "Winter Reckoning" was published. She was a finalist for the Romantic Times Award for "The Sword of the Land" in 2003. 

She has also written poetry and non-fiction. She teaches Anthropology and Gender Studies at the University of Rhode Island, and lives with her family in southern Rhode Island. Occasionally, in her spare time, she sleeps.