"Beautifully written family saga." HOME by @drf87 #saga

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Written by Donovin Freeman

Genre: Urban Fiction

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Spanning 3 decades HOME is the epic tale of 4 young children moved down south by their strong willed, sharp tongue, no nonsense grandmother Cathy. Set in her ways the children, Tara, Kim, Hallie and Mike realize that its Cathy's way or the highway.

A story of survival, 
tough love, 
and hope. 
You'll laugh, 
you'll cry 
and you'll love HOME.

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Fans are saying

Beautifully written family saga

This book began with a walk into the past. A bittersweet tale of family, hope, love and life, we start out in the 1950s and follow this family forward.

Family life was different in the 50s and this book drives that point home with a lot of references to the past that made me reminisce how things used to be.

We follow them from childhood to coming of age to grown adults. Times were different and the author does a great job reminding those who grew up in that time period what it was like and also educating younger readers about how life was in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Most books I read a little and put it down and resume months later, but not this one Freeman kept me intrigued from the first to the last page. Every emotion, I felt reading this. I liked this book so much that I have purchased Freeman's second book Running In Place.

A book that hit Home for me, an excellent read!

Author Bio

Donovin Freeman

Donovin Freeman was born in Charleston, SC in (1970). At the age of 8 he moved to College Park, GA. He graduated from M.D. Collins High School in 1987 a year earlier than he was supposed to. In 1993 he began his writing career by penning the amazing novel Home.

Since then he has written several screenplays one of which was produced in 2009 and is available for sale. Donovin now wants to get back to his first love writing. "I have neglected this book for to long. Home is a great novel that needs to be read. It's time that I promoted it properly."