A host of #fantasy books to check out. (Masquerade Chronicle)

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This edition of the Chronicle is all about Fantasy and the Paranormal. If those are your genres of choice or at least some of the ones you enjoy, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.

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Check out the following fantasy tweets.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ —"Emotional gravitas." 
Dark Fantasy: Plague of Angels by @JohnPatKennedy

"Full of colorful characters and creatures." 
Reign of Malice by @AuthorJHendon #darkfantasy

"Greek myth, vampires, hot sex! This book has it all." 
ORACLE by @frenchkilt

"Beautifully constructed world of fantasy." 
Devil's Bitch by @delenasilverfox #romance

"This novel makes for one hell of a read." 
Poseidon's Children by @bymichaelwest #fantasy

"Lot of battles, some dragons, witches and wizards." 
Chronicles of Ave by @sgzimmer #fantasy

"Will appeal to all ages." 
Redheart by @jackiegamber #fantasy

"Move Over Conan, You've Met Your Match" 
OVERKILL by Steven Shrewsbury #fantasy

It will mess with your head...in a good way. 
Angelkiller by @HdavidBlalock #fantasy

Villains you love to hate. 
The God Killers by @johnfallen1970 #fantasy

"Otherworldly fun and hair raising chills." 
Four 'Til Late by @erichris #fantasy

Epic, Historical Fantasy. I
nnocence Lost by @pattyjansen 
"Another wonderful book."

"Love, fiction and destiny as the backbone." 
Seal of the King by @ralmart01 #fantasy