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Written by Rebecca A. Demarest

Genre: Mystery, Thiller & Suspense

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$1 is donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

When Benjamin Grant’s son disappeared a year ago, he felt it was his duty as a father to do everything in his power to find his son, and he tried. He threw himself into the search, but his obsession left him without a home, wife, or job.

Now, he’s managed to find work at the United States Postal Service’s Mail Recovery Center, which he hopes will prove an invaluable tool in his search. With the help of Sylvia—a kleptomaniac artist—Ben learns the ins and outs of a warehouse full of lost mail and explores every lead in his son’s case.

But when that investigation leads him to Leonard Moscovich, Ben fears the worst.

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Fans are saying

Once I started reading this book i could not stop until the very last page.

The characters are vivid and relatable. I quickly became invested in them and their plight became my own as I eagerly poured over the pages of this story.

Right from the beginning, the reader is pulled into Ben's world. You sympathize with his obsession to find his son and the guilt he feels.

The story is Ben's, but Sylvia steals the show for me. Her witty comments and her quirky personality stand out.

I can't wait to read more from Ms. Demarest. Such a talent!

Author Bio

Rebecca A. Demarest

Rebecca A. Demarest is an author, designer, and illustrator living in Boston, MA, and spends her free time reading, crocheting, gardening, and rock climbing with her boyfriend. She has a cat who thinks she's a dog and several bonsai trees who would much rather prefer to be full grown, but they wouldn't fit in her apartment if she let them do as they want. 

"Undeliverable" is her debut novel, and she has short stories scattered across the internet in several journals. She has several longer works on their way, including an expansion of the Oz universe, a series of science fiction novellas, and a fantasy novel tentatively titled "Less Than Charming" which will be the first novel in the Mark of the Storyteller series.
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