Just a quick note about Twitter Marketing

By tweeting this post, you can earn promotional tweets from me as part of the Amazon Tweet Exchange.
Details here.

Just a quick note about Twitter Marketing. I've played around with different techniques, and the one I'm using currently makes it really hard to count tweets. To make sure I'm not cheating anyone by mistake, I've been giving every post more than what they paid for.

Moving forward I'll have a goal for the number of tweets for a post, and I'll count everything: my tweets, tweets from others, and retweets. So, as I update the advertising programs over the next few days/weeks, some of the numbers may look funny if you are use to the old numbers.

Also, I'm not going to update old posts, but anyone who orders something before the new posts come out will be under the new system.

If none of this makes sense to you, but you are still interested in advertising with us, don't fret. It's a good change for the advertisers, and it's definitely easier for me.