Undeniably inhuman. Innocent Blood by @CaptainRorrick #paranormal #vampire

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Innocent Blood

Written by Armand Vespertine

Genre: Paranormal Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Life in a Transparent Society isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a Vampire. 

As intelligent surveillance proliferated throughout the World, gradually obliterating any darkness, strange things were brought into the light. One of these anomalies is a young woman who claims to be a Vampire. 

Though she is undeniably inhuman, her body is not beyond the abilities of her era’s biotechnology. Her captors believe her to be an experimental transhuman, and patiently listen to her preposterous story in the hopes of sifting some degree of truth from it. 

The girl herself though realizes she can no longer remain hidden in the Orwellian surveillance state that the World has become. No darkness remains for her to hide in, and in the light she can only burn. 

An excerpt from

Innocent Blood


Author Bio

Armand Vespertine

Bizarre imaginings often run through my waking mind. Over time they cohere into the semblance of a narrative, and I transcribe them into electronic media. I do this because I believe if my most valued thoughts can survive outside of my own mind, surviving on the internet and in the minds of others, then I may have achieved a degree of agency beyond that of my spatially and temporally limited existence. 

I write Science Fiction and Fantasy because the mythology I've created in my mind over the course of my life is precious to me, and I would like to share my myths with others so that they too can treasure it, and so that it will have life beyond me. 

I have five books so far, and intend to keeping publishing for the foreseeable future. If you like my books and would like to help ensure that I am able to keep writing, then please rate and review them. Shout outs on social media would also be appreciated. 

May the World inside my head soon be in yours.