"Kick-ass mystery novel." Down Dog Diary by @SherryRoberts7 #mystery #bookreview

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Down Dog Diary

Written by Sherry Roberts

Genre: Mystery

One man has died for it.
Now it's Maya Skye's job to protect it.
Can a yoga teacher hunt a killer and still find inner peace?

In yoga, the Downward Facing Dog Pose turns your world upside down, and that is exactly what the Down Dog Diary does to yoga teacher Maya Skye. First, her mentor, a former Hell's Angel turned shaman, is killed for the book of secrets. Now Maya has it, and trouble is stalking her. When the mystical journal is stolen, Maya learns just how elusive inner peace can be at the point of a gun.

Down Dog Diary is an unusual cozy murder mystery set in small Gabriel's Garden, Minnesota, not far from the Twin Cities. It combines yoga, zen, Native American lore, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Pink Panther. It's a mystery told with humor and drama, but it is also an exploration of the battle for inner peace that rages inside all of us. We may try to follow the path, but life isn't all Minnesota nice.

If you like yoga and mysteries, step off the mat and into adventure with Down Dog Diary.

Walki's Review

Shaman James Tumblethorne, former Hell's Angel, has been murdered and yoga teacher (and Reiki master) Maya Skye has inherited his diary, the fabled Shaman's Diary that shamans have been writing and passing down for centuries, to keep and guard with their lives. Some people believe it carries the secret of immortality within its pages, and they will not hesitate to kill to get their hands on it.

Sherry Roberts, author of 'Book of Mercy', just crafted her first mystery and it is a beautiful work, dipped in zen and Native American lore, with echoes of Tony Hillerman and Abigail Padgett. 'Down Dog Diary' is a thriller written with a humorous and fluid style, and has many layers between caffeine and inner peace, between day-to-day reality and touches of paranormal.

Once again Sherry Roberts introduces memorable, colourful characters. Maya Skye is the most remarkable in the lot. Behind her strong appearance and beneath yoga, Reiki and Tai-Chi, she has buried anger and tried to escape guilt. Her new friend Peter Jorn is a non-believer who tries to hide his pains beneath wounds collected in Afghanistan, and his life as a reporter. Maya's family is a crazy motley crew between her mother the zen artist, her father the computer geek, and her sister who only wants a normal life.

Gentle and wise, 'Down Dog Diary' is also down to earth and realistic. It carries the beauty and ugliness of life within its pages, reminding the readers that life is coloured by our actions and thoughts and the paths we follow are from our own choices. 'Down Dog Diary' is a kick-ass mystery novel and I am looking forward to Maya Skye's next adventure. I hope the crow will be there, too.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.