Authors, what can Masquerade Book Tours do for you?

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Since August 2013, Masquerade Book Tours, a sister company to the Masquerade Crew operated by DeeJay and her fabulous assistant Aurelia, has been offering authors a more extensive way to promote their books and brands under the Masquerade Crew umbrella. Masquerade Tours extends the reach of the mighty Crew by offering book blog tours, book blasts, cover reveals, and more.
Mark, the head honcho of the Masquerade Crew, already offers awesome short-term and long-term promotions via the Crew site and Twitter. One great service Mark used to offer that we are considering moving to Masquerade Tours is the Reader Round-Up program, which is a way for authors to find readers for their books without the hassle of a blog tour. 
With our Crew growing by the month, we can offer more to our authors, such as Masq Chat, a Twitter chat service for authors, and The Takeover, a cool opportunity for authors to commandeer the Masquerade Crew website and post whatever their sweet little hearts desire, including one of our custom interviews, guest posts, rants, whatever! Both of these services are offered through Masquerade Book Tours and can be found on our For Authors/Publishers page on the Masquerade Tours website.
As Masquerade Authors, our author consulting venture, heads toward fruition, Masquerade Book Tours promises to offer more services at affordable rates that meet all of your literary needs!

Check out Masquerade Tours HERE.