Masquerade Deals: A new book discovery feature #free #99cents

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We offer some pretty awesome promotion: long-term and short-term posts specifically. The number of tweets these posts get make the meager price tag more than worth it. However, there are still some authors who look at $20 or $30 and say that's too much. Masquerade Deals aims to fix that problem.

The idea is simple: a daily post about free books, cheap books, and the like. If this idea gets off the ground like I hope it does, we may even allow full-priced books.

But there's a problem.

I don't really have room for many more tweets (I'm behind as it is), and the book club is already getting enough emails that I wouldn't dare send them more. So, we'll need another way to advertise these books. That's where this post comes in.

Before we can start this new feature, we have to have some people to market to. A new email list sounds like the best idea. If you would like to receive a daily email (or as often as I can if not daily), fill out the form below.

Those who are members of the book club may recognize the form. It's an exact copy of the book club form.

Though I ask you about your favorite genres, the emails initially won't filter by genre. When there are enough people subscribed and authors participating, we'll filter by genre so you only see the books you might be interested in.