You could be a WINNER in The Big Freaking (paperback) Giveaway!

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Who Wants to Be
a Winner?

Now is your chance to finally fulfill all those lottery fantasies you've been having. Enter the Big Freaking Giveaway and see if you can get lucky. You will get the chance to win some amazingly enticing books (in print!), and the opportunity to brag to your friends about all your good fortune.

Entering is simple: Just enter the Rafflecopter below. Make sure you read all important details and rules pertaining to the Giveaway, and most importantly, good luck!


1. If you don't provide your mailing address, don't expect to win. We are not contacting individual winners via email. We are just sending the books to you. With love, of course.

2. If you don't pick a book (or two, if you're smart), you will be sent whatever we want you to have. If you're okay with that, just put "Aurelia's Choice" in the entry box. 

3. All entries will be confirmed. If you want to unfollow or unlike an author after the giveaway is over, feel free. But when we make our rounds to confirm the entries, if you're not following/liking, you're not winning/receiving.

4. All books will be shipped by DeeJay. Don't bother these nice authors with questions as to where your prize is if you win. In fact, don't bother DeeJay either. You will be sent your book. We promise.

5. Cheaters will be terminated. 

6. I mean, eliminated. Cheaters will be eliminated.

The Prizes
(All covers link to Goodreads)







*All books are signed with the exception of Forever Doomed, Crimson Clouds, and the Reaper of St. George Street.

**Reaper of St. George Street is a Graphic Novel

***There are two copies of Forever Doomed and The Frenchman. Two winners will be chosen.