Support Indie Authors by Joining the Masquerade Storm

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I got this idea from a blog blitz that I'm a member of. Weekly emails are sent out to the members recommending a blog or two. Then the members BLITZ that blog, commenting up a storm (hence the name of my version).

Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to collect a list of blogs, and then each week we'll storm one blog from the list. I and the Masquerade team will also recommend blogs of our own. So, there may be two blogs to visit.

What kinds of blogs?

Though I would like to have as many author blogs and book review blogs as possible, I don't want to limit it just to those. So, as long as the blog isn't filled with hate speech or some other inappropriate material, it's welcome to be listed. Blogs from erotica authors are OK, but please, no out-right porn blogs.

You can recommend your own blog. In fact, I recommend that myself. But, you can also fill out the form multiple times to recommend other blogs. You will only receive one email a week, despite having to give your email each time.

Oh, and to make it even more fun, don't tell the blogger that you recommended them. *sneaky, evil laugh*

The calm after the storm

Some time during or immediatly after the storm of comments, I will send an invitation to the victimized blogger to fill out an interview form so that they can be featured on this site as part of Blogger Banter, which has recently been on hiatus.

Which means that you aren't just recommending a blog or two or three to be stormed, but you are also recommending blogs that will be featured on this site. A great way to support authors or other blogs that you think our readers would enjoy.