We're looking for normal stories about normal people to review.

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I have been trying to take my kids to the library pretty often. This week we went twice, and we might go again this afternoon. We read a book or two together. Then I let them go play in the kids area. While there I've been reading a book off the shelf, and it got me to thinking about the next genre our crew should review.

I'm about half way through A Face First by Priscilla Cummings and it's really good. It has no magical, fantasy, or sci-fi elements. It's just a story about a normal girl going through something that could happen to any of us. 

Normal People. 

Normal Stories.

That's what we're looking for this time around: normal people going through normal things. The book I'm reading is about a girl who's dealing with the aftermath of a car crash that burned her face. Your book doesn't have to be about that, obviously, but I don't want any element that wouldn't happen in real life.

So, no fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, or the like.

And I would like it to be contemporary, so please no historical either. I may lift that restriction if we don't get enough books, but for now, let's see how many contemporary-ish books we get.

If the main genre you pick is one known to have fantasy elements, I'll just delete your request. So, don't try and get cute. We know cute, and we squash it like a bug. Otherwise we're really easy and fun to work with.

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