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The Breathless Series

Written by Melissa Toppen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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For fans of Contemporary and Erotic Romance comes the next great love story. 
With strong characters and a believable story line, 
The Breathless Series will do just as it promises; leave you breathless!

Addison Grant thought she had life all figured out. Attend college, land the job of her dreams, and marry her high school sweetheart. Everything seemed to be falling into place, or at least that’s what she thought.

Having moved from Vermont to Las Vegas with her boyfriend Grayson, the last thing Addison expected was to come home one day to find all of her belongings packed up in boxes and her eight year relationship over.

Heartbroken and lost, Addison finds herself, for the first time, unsure of what the future holds. But a chance meeting with a gorgeous bartender sets her on a path she never expected.

Liam Mason isn’t just your average bartender. There is something about him that doesn’t quite fit but Addison can't put her finger on it, nor can she deny the sparks that fly between them. As much as she tries to fight her quickly forming feelings for Liam, his constant pursuit of her makes it impossible to resist his charms.

When Addison lands a major project at work, she unknowingly sets herself up to discover that Liam is not who he says he is. When Addison learns the truth will she be able to forgive the lies or will she be forced to walk away from the one man who has consumed her entire existence?

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Fans are saying

what an amazing series! the storyline kept my interest and the characters are well developed.

one of my favorite things about this series is how real the characters are. they do not have a crazy broken past that they have to work through. I'm not saying they don't have issues...but the issues they have are realistic and believable.

the characters are down to earth and seemingly real. the series never gets so over the top that it's unbelievable.

the story has a lot of romance and some red hot scenes but sex is always secondary to the story.

Loved it !!!

A great read, keeps you interested and wanting more.

Characters and relationships you can relate to, to a romance you root for.

Now on to the next one can't wait to find out what happens :)
— jill

Author Bio

Melissa Toppen

Melissa is a lover of books and enjoys nothing more than losing herself in a good novel. She has a soft spot for Romance and focuses her writing in that direction but hopes to one day branch off and do something completely original. 

She loves music and is obsessed with the band Blue October! 

She has a rock star of a husband who gives it to her straight and two beautiful young children that show her what really matters in this life.