Young Adult Thriller Set in 1980's Cuba. Antonio's Glove by @ToniiKelly1 #99cents #preorder

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Antonio's Glove

Young Adult Thriller Set in 1980's Cuba

Written by Tonii Marie Kelly

Genre(s): Young Adult, Paranormal, Hispanic Heritage

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Cuba 1980

Fifteen year old, aspiring artist Tomás Santos' belief in Fidel Castro begins to crack when he's ordered to turn against his best friend. As his doubts continue to grow, Tomás gets comfort only from a baseball glove that mysteriously links him to older brother, Antonio.

Suddenly, the full force of Castro's oppressive regime falls on the family and his father is sent to prison. Their food rations are cut, they are shunned by friends and neighbors. Tomás' father wants the family to escape from Cuba and hints at a plan involving 'empty coffins'.

As he struggles to please his father, Tomás is still linked to his brother through the mitt, which has powers he does not understand. Then the family learns Antonio died fighting the war in Angola from Javier Rodriguez, a neighborhood spy chief, who has his own dark reasons for wanting the glove.

Tomás is plunged into the paranormal world of Santeria, a Cuban style voodoo. Any time he sleeps with the glove nearby, he has a recurring nightmare about his brother. Is Antonio trying to tell him something from beyond the grave?

Rodriguez continues to pressure the family. Tomás tries to escape on a raft. At the last moment, Antonio returns, claiming Tomás' help to succeed in a secret mission. It's a dangerous game with every move creating more risk for his friends and family. Suddenly, an unexpected opportunity opens up. With ten thousand people claiming asylum from the Peruvian Embassy in Havana, Castro does the unthinkable and opens Mariel Bay with an announcement that Miami Cubans can come to collect their relatives.

Tomás has a final opportunity to escape. Will Antonio let him go?

An excerpt from

Antonio's Glove

Author Bio

Tonii Marie Kelly

Tonii Marie Kelly fell short of her original goal to become a war correspondent for a major newspaper. Instead she worked at The Miami Herald for 36 years, at first using razor blades and sheets of waxed film to build pages in Production.

Cold type composition is a lost art today, but in 1980 the events of the Mariel Boatlift literally passed under her hands as she built Page One and inside pages of the A section. The physical act of cut-and-paste on each page impressed upon her the desperation of people ready to cast aside all that is known for the promise of a better life.

She is also an emigrant of sorts, spending time between Miami, Florida and Gort, County Galway, Ireland. Juggling life between two very different worlds has given her added perspective on the nuances of adapting to new customs, never mind a new language.

She is working on her next novel, a sequel to Antonio's Glove.