Upgrades galore for the Masquerade Crew. Would love your comments, suggestions, and questions.

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It's time to upgrade things around here. I've tinkered with bundled services versus lower priced single services. I think I will lean again toward bundled packages. At least allowing the option.

So, there will be a bundled package that includes a promo post, an author interview, one month of Cover Wars, and access to the weekly Crew Classifieds (which will be changing somewhat as well).

Promo posts themselves won't change all that much ... if at all. I haven't decided. 

What to do with the Scavenger Hunt?

With the scavenger hunt that is going on right now, it took me forever to get enough books involved. The instructions were somewhat complex, so I am most likely the one to blame.

So, for the next scavenger hunt, I will do things a little differently. This is a major change from before, so watch out.

Every book will be a part of the next Scavenger Hunt.

Not every book that is currently on the site. Instead, it will be all books in a given period of time. In the near future, this will be easy for me since I'll work off of a table such as the one we use to list all of our book reviews. I'm going to start one for promos.

This will mean an increase in price for single promo posts. But only by $5. Well worth the extra promotion.

When it comes time to put the scavenger hunt together, I'll check with books that are listed as FREE or 99¢ to see if they are still that price. If they are, I won't check them again. If they are a different price, I'll adjust the post as necessary—take out a few lines of code for the graphic used. The current price disclaimer will have to suffice for prices that change during the hunt.

Other fun ideas

I would like to do a weekly paperback giveaway. Because of budget limitations, this will be a US only thing to start. I'll open up other areas as soon as possible.

Also, since I have begun a door-to-door marketing campaign for the current scavenger hunt, I would like to expand on that ... with a paperback swap. (More details in a future post)

Since the two above ideas deal with paperbacks, I'll need authors to send me their books. Don't offer to send me your book yet. I haven't fully decided how to operate, so I will basically ignore such requests right now. However I operate, there will be a form to fill out when the time comes. I'm announcing it now so that if anyone has an interest, they can discuss it with me, or be that much more ready should my ideas come to fruition. 

I also have other ideas that involve me leaving my home. But one thing at a time.

Another idea that I just had today is a weekly or semi-monthly or monthly (you get the idea) crossword. The idea is still very early, so we'll see what happens. I've done some preliminary research, but I'll have to do more.

The current scavenger hunt is sort of a crossword. It actually started off as a cross word, but I couldn't figure out how to implement it on the blog. Since then I think I have, so the next scavenger hunt may be a true crossword.

In any case, if I do them more often, it may be for the weekly paperback giveaway. At least that's what I'm currently thinking. Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the above info?
(All feedback is welcome)