"Raw honesty and perseverance." Broken Child Mended Man by @AdamStarksPhD #autobiography

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Broken Child Mended Man

Written by Adam Starks, Ph.D.

Genre(s): Nonfiction, Autobiography



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A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit 
the Urban Light Initiative. 

In his autobiography, Adam Starks provides a valiantly candid account of the turbulence faced during his years leading up to and while in foster care. In a path breaking twist from other well-written memoirs of former foster youth, his story reflects on the acting out that ensued as a result of a constant sense of instability in the world around him.

Amid his internal struggles, Adam properly attributes his ability to remain steadfast toward achieving his successful breakaway from the cycle to his education and the ones who gathered around him during his times of need.

His story provides inspiration for anyone searching for a sign of strength to relate to their own struggle. Broken Child Mended Man is a testimony for anyone who wants to overcome trials in their life and realize their ultimate worth.

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Broken Child Mended Man

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Fans are saying

A wonderful story of overcoming the obstacles of a sad childhood

A wonderful story of overcoming the obstacles of a sad childhood. An honest perspective told by the author of the sad, the happy, the tragic and the humorous as he navigates the world foster care and the scars of a broken childhood.

A Must Read for Educators

This is a must read for educators and social workers. It shows the huge gap between a child's inner experience and what most adults are perceiving. It reminds us that that each child sitting in our classrooms has more going on than we ever dreamed possible. It points to the essential importance of seeing the child fully and creating the space for the inner experience to be expressed. Otherwise, terrible suffering is left untouched, and even, exacerbated.

What also makes this story remarkable is Adam's raw honesty and perseverance. The way he held onto the love and recognition he had in his life, imperfectly, yet steadfastly growing his talent, his spirit, and his dreams, is inspirational. His courage to be his authentic self, stumbling along into magnificence, gives me hope for the human race.

Author Bio

Adam Starks, Ph.D.

Dr. Adam Starks (1980-present) is an aspiring social entrepreneur envisioning a better today for society's most vulnerable children. His purpose to empower and advocate for foster, homeless and at-risk youth throughout their educational process will serve to make each student an exceptional outlier; to transcend the dismal statistics resulting from the negative experiences during their formative years.

In addition, Dr. Starks does not believe that the learning process stops once you reach certain academic milestones. His philosophy centers on education as a passionate lifestyle commitment to learning. This awakening dawned on him as he was about to fail his ninth grade year. He knew back then education was his ticket to a better life and hasn't stopped writing or reading since. Dr. Starks plans to go well beyond his initial success to recreate a family-oriented boarding school for foster, homeless and at-risk students in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

For a more in depth look into the life of Dr. Adam Starks, please purchase his book Broken Child Mended Man. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Urban Light Initiative.

Dr. Adam Starks resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife, Emily, and three children Jayden, Isaiah, and Susannah.