Play our Kindle Fire HD Scavenger Hunt! #giveaway

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The hunt has ended, but fear not: another one is being prepared and should start soon. Sorry for any inconvenience this delay may cause.

Let the Games Begin!

In another post about this hunt, I mentioned that it isn't a simple giveaway. Rather, it's a game. A game that has a few rules.

First, you do not have to play to win. However, the chances of winning are so low that you might as well play. (More on that later)

Second, after getting your free entry, you must turn in a secret 5-letter word before getting more entry options. (Playing the hunt is how you'll figure out the secret word)

Third, though not a rule ... more of a suggestion. I wouldn't share the 5-letter secret word with anyone. That means they won't have to play to get access to more entry options. I encourage you to share the hunt with others. Though, I do caution you to hand them the game on a silver platter. Gotta keep some to yourself, right?

I will pick two potential winners. The one with more entries will be the winner. That means a couple of things. One, the only way for you to win without playing is for the other winner to have not played either, in which case I will pick the first one chosen by Rafflecopter. I wouldn't call it an astronomical way to win a Kindle Fire HD, but I highly doubt it will ever happen.

The second thing is that you will not be able to completely ignore the books sponsoring this scavenger hunt. That's the whole idea, really. The authors pay me to promote their book, and I will buy one lucky winner a Kindle for paying attention to said authors.

Here's how you play. 

Go to this page and then this page. Each page has a series of magnifying glasses like the one on the right.

Click a magnifying glass, which will lead you to either a page on Amazon or a page on this blog. Find the answer to the question or statement associated with that magnifying glass, and the letter in the box will be your clue letter.

Once you have all the clue letters, click the button at the top of the page which says "Transfer clue letters from below." That will give you a clue phrase. (Or you can manually keep track of the clue letters. This website will not remember your work if you choose to play the hunt in more than one sitting, so you may want to keep a pen and pad handy in either case.)

There are two clue phrases. Once you have the two phrases (from the two links I gave you above), you'll have everything you need to guess the 5-letter word, which you will turn in via the Rafflecopter widget below.

The two clue phrases make up a riddle. Try and guess the 5-letter secret word yourself, but if you can't do it, just remember: Google is your friend.


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