"Five-freaking-tastic stars!" The Short Life of Sparrows by @byemmcole #fantasy

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The Short Life of Sparrows

Written by Emm Cole

Genre(s): paranormal romance, fantasy, fiction



Beneath the light of a full moon, the Nightbloods and Seers are dancing. They are dancing as they await another Awakening, a dream that defines every witch’s destiny.

It doesn’t matter that the coven is cheering and anticipating her turn into womanhood, because Calli doesn’t want any of it. She doesn’t want to see the face of the hired hand Isaiah, nor does she desire the pursuits of a very determined Nightblood as she runs from a future with the Ordinary help. She knows that regardless of whether she taps into forbidden magic or not, an Awakening is rumored to hold ultimate power over the Seer who dreams it.

While the other Seers her age are given to their parties, their enchantments, and the lust of Nightblood suitors, Calli must choose how she'll endure the worst of her visions. There may be a way to survive her sleep, but she's not sure she can defeat the truth that will find her when she’s wide awake.

Does real love even stand a chance against the darkest of magic?

An excerpt from

The Short Life of Sparrows

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Fans are saying

Five-freaking-tastic stars!

What can I say about The Short Life of Sparrows? Every time I think about the title I want to cry! And yes, that's a good thing. This book brought me out of a lengthy book funk. I wasn't connecting with anything I picked up - until I met Calli, Isaiah, Rowe, and Daphne.

Fair warning: your heart will be ripped out, stomped on, and returned to you a bruised mess. Have the tissues ready because this is an ugly cry. UGLY. How could you do this to me Emm? I kept waiting for a miracle, and it never happened. It never happened. Might I suggest a re-write? Pleeeeeeeese?

Even though she broke my heart, I love this story and the author. For those of you I worried with my last paragraph, there is an HEA. Curious? I thought you might be. Pick up The Short Life of Sparrows. You won't regret it.

— S. Butka

This IS magical!

This book is, in my opinion, a must read. It has a unique and fresh paranormal world. It has a wonderfully beautiful, descriptive language that will make you re-read entire passages over and over just because they are so perfect. There are laugh-out-loud bits.

There are one-liners you will wish you thought of first. There are parts that will make you want to buy an extra copy just for highlighting. There are moments when you won't be able to stop crying.

In short, this is a mesmerising tale of life, getting to know yourself and of magic.

Especially the magic of love, trust and friendship. And a little bit about magic that will have snow make your heart ache.

I recommend a box of tissues and some free time. You will not want to put the book down, and you will cry.

Author Bio

Emm Cole

Emm Cole is the author of the Dark Fantasy novel, THE SHORT LIFE OF SPARROWS, as well as the Young Adult Fantasy series, MERMINIA. She lives with her husband and two spunky children. When she's not writing, she is often highlighting favorite passages in books.

Her funky imagination tends to be equal parts whimsically pretty and morbidly sinister. Emm believes that every new story she writes should challenge the limits of her creativity further than the last one, and she plans to keep developing unique magical realms, one book at a time.

According to Emm, authors Laini Taylor, Maggie Stiefvater, and John Green are pen-wielding super heroes. Don't share your Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish with her, because she'll eat them all. Emm is a fan of everything supernatural and finds that drama in stories is always more entertaining than the real kind.

She also enjoys thought-provoking art and is an admitted TV series junkie who has The Vampire Diaries and Friday Night Lights memorized. If a pop culture reference wasn't acknowledged on Gilmore Girls, she probably finds it irrelevant.