Most powerful magic is love. The Source of Magic by @CateRowan #romance #99cents

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The Source of Magic

A Fantasy Romance

Written by Cate Rowan

Genre(s): fantasy romance

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The most powerful magic is love.

Visions of a mysterious and gorgeous stranger plague Jilian Stewart. She's sure they're brought on by the stress of her mother's deadly paralysis. But when the stranger appears, clasps her to his chest and yanks her from Scotland into a magical battle, she finds herself ensnared in a fantasy otherworld—trapped by treachery and family secrets and opposing the one man who can make everything right.

Prince Alvarr, her sexy abductor, offers a cure for her dying mother, but won't send Jilian home with it until she helps him destroy the evil mage threatening his people—with mystical powers she never knew she had.

The Source of Magic is a stand-alone novel within the Alaia Chronicles series and has won sixteen awards, including The Romance Reviews' Top Pick.

"THE SOURCE OF MAGIC is one of those rare treasures you hope will never end. A magical ride. Unforgettable characters and twists and turns that keep us turning the pages. Forget about sleeping, because I wasn't able to put this novel down until the end, and you won't be able to either." —The Romance Reviews

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The Source of Magic

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Fans are saying

An exciting and intriguing story

I love The Source of Magic. I love everything about it - the feisty heroine, Jillian, the to-die-for hero, Prince Alvarr, the otherworldly setting. Cate Rowan has woven an intriguing and engrossing story with enough twists and turns to keep me turning the virtual pages.

Jillian is transported to an exotic new world, like Earth, but not like Earth, filled with strange plants and animals. Despite her confusion and her fear, Jillian is strong and fights to get back to her sick mother. Jillian discovers she has magic powers, powers Prince Alvarr and his people need. They have something Jillian needs - the plant that could cure her mother.

When Jillian and Alvarr go on a journey to find the rare plant, they find so much more than that. They find love, but that love is tested over and over. They have to fight their growing feelings for each other and fight a very bad villain. Jillian is determined to get home to her mother. But can she bear to leave Alvarr? That question kept me guessing and reading to a very satisfactory ending.

Cate Rowan is a terrfic writer. I can't wait to read more of her books.

Romance and Magic...Excellent

This is an engrossing book. Jilian's mother is critically ill and when a stranger transports her back in time, she is furious and cares only about returning to the hospital before her mother dies. She doesn't believe she has special powers that can save a kingdom and resents her handsome abductor.

However Prince Alvarr is very persuasive and when she witnesses firsthand the evil that threatens his people, she agrees to help in exchange for a rare plant that might heal her mother. However Jilian has no intention of hanging around in this strange and mystical place; she just wants to find the plant, return to Scotland, and save her mom.

The writing is very well done and I was captivated by Alvarr's world and the conflicting loyalties that threaten their growing love. A surprise twist makes a happy ending doubtful but it works out in the end and is a very satisfying read. I'll be looking for more from this author.

— BevPet 

Author Bio

Cate Rowan

★ Cate Rowan: Magically Fantastic Romance ★

Cate has washed laundry in a crocodile-infested African lake, parasailed over a Mexican beach, swum with dolphins in the Florida Keys and had Costa Rican monkeys poop in her hair, but her favorite adventures are in story worlds. Her lush fantasy romances about magical deeds, kismet and true love in realms near and far have won more than thirty awards.

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Cate credits her favorite childhood authors--including J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Nora Roberts, Guy Gavriel Kay, and James Herriot--for her love of fiction, great characters, and a rich imagination. Writing became a force in her life when clever elementary school teachers assigned weekly creative writing projects. She wrote through high school, particularly when bored in class.

(Rumor has it those early pages consisted of fantasies about Duran Duran, but she is silent on the issue and keeps those notebooks from prying eyes.) She put fiction aside to earn a Ph.D.--but her muse, even while stuffed in a dark closet, never shut up. Now she and her muse and her story people get to play every day. (There might be strawberry mojitos involved, but again, she's not saying.)