Every single word was written with blood, sweat, and tears. #interview with @jayisip1

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We're pleased to introduce

Jay Isip

Author of

10 Stacks To Success

How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time

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Lightening Round

Lover or a fighter?

I love to fight...

Of the seven deadly sins, which is the worst?

Gluttony . Because its the worst when you damage yourself

Steak: rare, medium, or well-done?

Rare, I like it raw...

Serious Round

Has anything you've dreamed found its way into your book?

Absolutely. Dreams are the key factor for our lives to enhance. Without dreams, we are basically dead on our feet. And being dead on our feet is worse than being dead itself. We need dreams to keep us alive. We need dreams to keep us inspired. We need dreams to keep moving on in life. Otherwise life is useless, or what most of us like to call "monotony"

What or who encouraged you to start writing?

This book was a big goal of mine. I loved every minute of writing and found out more about myself then before. Every single word was written with blood, sweat, and tears. Every single word was written with pure passion, love, and respect. This was one of the most intense projects I have ever accomplished and enjoyed every second of it.

My hope is that everyone can enjoy this book and walk away with a new outlook in life because when I die, I hope to be remembered for my knowledge. I hope that my knowledge will make a mark in a positive form to help create a difference in our world.

To help change person after person for the greater good. It is my long-term mission to continue writing until the day I die to be able to leave the world a positive message, to leave the world more aware of their purpose, and to leave the world a happier place.

Wacky Question

Have you ever farted in public and blamed it on someone else nearby?

I always fart in public but I always take the heat...

Author Bio

Jerome “Jay” Isip is a successful entrepreneur within several walks of life – finance, small business, e-stock trading, and athletics. Born and raised in Belleville, New Jersey, Jay was never one for academics. Rather than concentrating on coursework, he was instead distracted by the typical trappings other young men endure.

Jay has always been more interested in enjoying life and those around him, which isn’t going to get anyone accepted at a credible college or university. Even still, Jay stayed determined to choose his own career path, which would eventually lead him to becoming a business owner, consultant, a professional “mixed-martial arts” fighter.

And now he has added the title of “author” to the list.

Through his brand of “tough love”, Jay has helped others achieve their own personal successes, from mom and pop shop owners and pro athletes to millionaire investors and the everyday “9 to 5’er.”

He is now inspired to spread his love and knowledge to the world so that everyone can reach the lifestyle they seek. He may come off aggressive and forceful, but his methods are sincere and most importantly, proven to deliver results.