How my 5-year-old son helped me advertise the scavenger hunt today...

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Hi, my name is Scotty.
Would you like to win a Kindle Fire?

And then later, I had him change his presentation.

Hi, my name is Scotty.
Do you like to read books?

Scotty and I passed out 51 flyers this afternoon, knocking on our neighbors' doors, telling some of them about our scavenger hunt. We talked to a lot of people, mostly because of the hour. It was late afternoon, so there were more people home, some just coming home from work.

Only 2 people turned the flyer down. One didn't have a computer (which kind of takes him out of the running for an online scavenger hunt), and the other person simply wasn't interested. Not bad results, I think.

In fact, a few people asked additional questions, several of them thanking us. One lady said, "Wow, that sounds neat!" Another person was about to give the flyer back because he wasn't interested but then he remembered that his niece reads. So, he kept the flyer and said he would give it to her.

So, I retract my previous statement. The results were pretty darn good, actually.

Will that mean more people will play the scavenger hunt, increasing our overall traffic?

Could be. Time will tell, but this was just the first day, and I plan on passing out lots of flyers. After all, we only hit three streets in our town of 50,000 people. There's lots more to reach, and that doesn't even take into account nearby towns.

What this also means...

Yes, we are official ... more so than we've ever been. There is such a thing now as I've never worried about it before because unlike all those so-called experts say, I've never believed that simply forking over $10 or $15 will make your outfit look more professional.

Don't get me wrong. It certainly doesn't hurt. It just wasn't something I was in a rush to go out and do. People were visiting our site, and since most of our traffic was from Twitter or email, few if any ever typed our address into their browser directly. If they wanted to visit us without being prompted, they simply googled "Masquerade Crew" or something similar.

That's no longer the case because of the flyers. Hopefully there will be tons of new people visiting the site because of our new marketing activity. Many of them may type the address directly.

In any case...

Have you played our current scavenger hunt? If not, you can do so here.

If you don't play ... or at least take a look, I may have to send Scotty to straighten you out, and he means business. He even made me call him the boss while we were walking from door to door.