Teenagers unravel the clues: Unlucky Dip by @Kates_Puzzle


FREE November 28 - 30


By Kate Tenbeth


There are always high stakes to play for in the world of gambling, but it’s a world 15 year-old Holly Maddon knows nothing about until her step-mother tries to kill her. The race is on as she tries to discover what her step-mother is up to and whether her father was murdered. She comes up against gangsters, multi-million pound land deals, treachery and deceit, she’s kidnapped, shot at and loses just about everything she loves – it’s a rollercoaster of a ride and Holly's intent on turning the tables.


I received the book free to read and review from Library Thing. The book's plot revolves around a fifteen-year old girl who owns valuable land, though she does not realize she owns it or its worth, and the treachery used to get the land away from her so the perpetrators can profit from its sale.

It begins with Holly Madden pushed off a boat into the Thames River by her step-mother. Jon, who lives nearby, rescues her, unbeknownst to most, and becomes a faithful companion as she endeavors to figure out what is going on and why people want to kill her. They pass through numerous dangerous but interesting episodes to uncover the truth behind this mystery.

Even though both Holly and Jon, and later her friend Georgie, are teenagers, they unravel the clues in the mystery as well as or even better than the local detectives who are on the case looking for the missing Holly. The author manages to keep their sleuthing well within the bounds of that you would expect from teenagers, which makes the story all the more realistic.

All the characters are well developed and interesting. The book held my interest almost from the first page. By the time I had reached the ending, I had only one wish--that the story could go on and on. I am glad I have found one more author whose books I will read and enjoy.


Hi - I'm Kate and I live in Essex in the UK with my son and two cats, Puzzle and Bud.

I've always loved writing and at the beginning of 2011 set up a local writing group with some friends of mine. Our first speaker was an indie writer called Penelope Fletcher. As she spoke about ebooks and self publishing I remember thinking 'I can do that!' - so I did! Just two months later I self published a story I wrote for my son many years ago called 'Beyond the Forest'. I enjoyed the experience so much I then published the second of the Burly & Grum Tales, 'Burly & Grum and the Secret City' followed by the third, 'Burly & Grum and The Birthday Surprise'. All three are available as e-books and they're also in print.

I find it hard to believe sometimes that less than a year ago I barely knew what a kindle was! I've learnt so much - not only how to self publish, but how to set up a website, how to blog and tweet. A whole new world of social media networking has opened up and I've incredibly lucky and met many interesting people on my journey. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, given me great reviews and also written to encourage me - I really appreciate your help. I'm looking forward to the future and will continue to write and publish!

You can also see what's happening to Burly and Grum on www.burlyandgrum.com