One Wild Vegas Night by S.J. Thomas - Breathless Press #excerpt


One Wild Vegas Night

By S.J. Thomas


A shifter faces an arranged mating. A woman escapes her past. One night in Vegas could change their lives.

Unable to get out of an arranged mating to a female he despises, jaguar shifter Solomon Martinez has come to Las Vegas for his last night of freedom.

Although haunted by the past, Hannah Evans is determined to put both it and her fears behind her, and has come Las Vegas to make a new start.

But one night in Vegas can change your life and Hannah and Sol find themselves drawn together in a way that neither of them could have imagined.


When she saw the man stand and begin to walk over to her Hannah's first instinct was to leave, but she held herself still. This is what she wanted wasn't it? To be out having fun and meeting men, being wild and crazy, not worrying about consequences. Everything she'd not been able to be or do for so long.

And the man who slowly walked over to her was too good to be true. He looked Latino, his skin and hair deliciously dark and exotic, the stubble that covered his chin giving him a rough edge at odds with his obviously expensive clothes. His jacket was cut tight to his body, giving tantalizing hints of the muscles it hid.

As soon as she'd seen him Hannah had been drawn to him, and when he'd smiled at her his face lit up with a sexy warmth that seemed to go straight between her thighs. For a few moments she'd actually forgotten to breathe.

He exuded sex and she hadn't missed the heated way he was looking at her. Male attention still made Hannah nervous, the automatic fear of what it could lead to still with her, and there was something almost hungry about the way this man looked at her. Such need should have scared her even more but she felt her body's reaction; her skin became flushed and desire pulsed through her.

Trying not to stare she dropped her gaze, but continued to watch him from underneath her lashes, savoring this unfamiliar feeling; the instant spark of attraction that could lead to naked bodies tangled together, arms wrapped around each other, pleasured moans mingling, hot skin sliding against hot skin between the sheets.

As he drew closer she forced herself to stay seated, though her heart was thudding in her chest, and her breathing was speeding up. Her fear must have showed on her face because as he approached he slowed, his lips curled up into a broad smile, his expression became warm and genuine, his body language said, "I won’t hurt you." He stopped in front of the table, and looked down at her with eyes she could now see were a deep green.

"Hello." His voice was deep and accented—Spanish she thought—and it was undeniably sexy, making her stomach flutter.

"Hi," she managed to reply, sure that her voice was nothing more than a squeak.

"May I join you?"

She swallowed. Come on Hannah this is what you’re here for. Put the past behind you. But even with that mantra running through her mind she had to force herself to answer.

"Yes of course." He took the seat opposite, rather than the seat right next to her, and the solid presence of the table between them gave her an edge of confidence. "Thank you for the drink," she nodded at her glass.

His lips curled. "You are very welcome." He held out his hand, "My name is Solomon Martinez, but please call me Sol."

"Hannah Evans." She took his hand, noticing the strength of his grip and the tingle that seemed to flash along her body from the contact.

"I am very pleased to meet you, Hannah. Are you staying here in the hotel?"

"Yes, you?"

He nodded. "Yes, I have a suite. And are you...waiting for anyone?"

She shook her head. "No. I'm here on my own."

With an incredibly suggestive smile he leaned forward slightly. "Well I'm surprised a woman as lovely as you is here alone, but I'm very glad."

Oh it was a smooth line, expertly delivered in his seductive accent, and she couldn’t help but feel a feminine thrill from the compliment. She rewarded him with a full smile and something heated flashed in his eyes in response.

"So, what brings you to Las Vegas?"

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