Dreams of Circumstance by @AllieJeanDS


Dreams of Circumstance

Book #2 The Dreamer Series

Written by Allie Jean

Site: http://alliejean.net/

NaNo Excerpt

“They’re coming at us from all sides!” Titus barked out over his shoulder as the Warriors began filtering into the underground barracks, fighting off any Kajola soldiers they came across.

“Keep them occupied!” Chantal called back. “The girls are in there, Titus. I’ve seen this place in my dreams.”


Mathias bellowed a powerful war cry, and the brethren redoubled their efforts to fight through the Kajola guard. The traitorous bastards seemed to be appearing out of now where, and the enemy’s numbers far exceeded their own. They must’ve found something the Evil One was desperate to keep protected, and Chantal became eager to make her way through their ranks to find the tiny prison she knew Lydia would be trapped, along with a small group of other young girls. Panic threatened to seize her ability to rationalize, empathizing with the raw fear the girls had to be feeling. She’d experienced a small taste of it when she’d been deep within her dream, tasting the overwhelming claustrophobia through the eyes of a small girl she’d once befriended.

“Get me through this!” she called to Mathias who fought several soldiers, two more Warriors at each flank. “I know where they have them!”

Pushing her way through the fray, Chantal sprinted toward a maze of scattered tunnels, hoping her gut would lead her in the right direction.

“Stay close to my side,” Mathias demanded, pulling Chantal behind him with an overly aggressive grip on her wrist. Her Warrior was busy taking on two opponents with one hand to notice her protest, and he refused to let go of her for one minute. Better to use a leash, she thought in a fleeting snide comment. She could barely contain the growl of annoyance within her, and she took out her frustration on a Kajola soldier who appeared behind them, attempting to take a swipe on Mathias’ blindside.

Chantal cast out her blade in a sudden motion, blocking the soldier’s attack. The man’s eyes widened at her show of strength a woman of her stature shouldn’t possess.

“Yeah, I guess we get stronger as we age,” she told him with a sickly sweet smile. She spun her arm counter-clockwise, quickly, causing the soldier to lose his guard for a split second. In that instant, Chantal plunged her sword deep into his belly. “Guess you would’ve seen that coming if you weren’t a murdering SOB, right?”

With her right foot planted squarely onto his groin, Chantal kicked the man backwards, off of her blade and onto the floor, where is gasping breath disappeared as Mathias tugged her along after him.

“Do you have to be so arrogant?”

“Look who’s talking?” Chantal scoffed as she ran beside her Warrior. “And I’ve told you the word is ‘cocky.’ It’s okay to use slang, you know.”

Author Bio

Allie Jean was born with an overactive imagination. At a very early age, a child, her days were spent inventing stories, directing her sisters in made-up plays or telling elaborate ghost stories. Her mind never took breaks, or shutdown, even when she slept. When her eyes shut at night, she would have vivid dreams complete with extensive, elaborate plot lines, and good overcoming evil villains.

She was encouraged by her parents, even at a young age, to write down her tales, and it has remained a somewhat secret hobby. It became a means to escape from the drama of real life into one of the many worlds she created.

Now, living in California with her husband of ten years, her love of storytelling had taken a back seat with the arrival of their four children. Though, she always found time to write down her thoughts on whatever was handy, including a stray diaper or two while rocking a sleeping child in the middle of the night when her character’s begged for attention as well.

As a busy wife, mother and working full-time outside the home, somehow she has been able to write down her relentless character’s story. Her once secret hobby and private world, is now released for other’s to enjoy. Nothing would make Allie happier that to continue writing and spend more time at home with her family on a more full-time basis.