Chloe Clever, the Oracle of Delphi, chats with @DianthaJones


Chloe comes to my house. Takes a seat on my red, suede couch, folding her legs under her. I sit across from her in an armchair with my back to the door.

DJ: Thanks for doing this interview with me. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.

Chloe: Guess you should’ve written it sooner then.

: (I stare at her) You’ve been hanging around the Prince way too much.

Chloe: (She sighs, eyes twinkling) Yes. I most definitely have.

DJ: (Rolling my eyes) Okay, so tell me first. How much shock are you still in from learning that the Greek gods are real?

Chloe: The shock factor has kind of worn off, actually. Now I’m just tense, waiting for the next unexpected thing to happen. As I told you when I agreed to do this interview, nothing is ever as it seems in Myth.

DJ: Speaking of Myth, is it really as beautiful as you describe it in Prophecy of the Most Beautiful?

Chloe: What? It’s amazing. Scary and overwhelming at times, but awesome.

DJ: Okay. Now onto the good stuff. The Oracle of Delphi. That’s you. How crazy is that, huh?

Chloe: It’s completely insane, but so am I, so it works for me.

DJ: You’re not crazy. You’re just prophetic.

Chloe: (shrugs) That’s what I’ve been told, but I’m not so sure. If you knew the things that went on in my head...

DJ: I do know what goes on in your head.

Chloe: (smiles) Of course you do. My bad.

DJ: Now tell me about the Quad, your fraternity of protectors. How are you getting on with them?

Chloe: (call her cheddar, her grin is so cheesy) I love the Quad, they’re great.

DJ: The Quad is great, or the Prince is great?

Chloe: (she upgrades to mozzarella) Both.

DJ: (shaking my head) Teenagers.

Chloe: Aw, give me a break. You were a teenager once, right?

DJ: Unfortunately.

Chloe: You ever had a crush on anyone?

DJ: Another unfortunate yes.

Chloe: What did you do about it?

DJ: I thought I was interviewing you, not the other way around.

A voice from behind me: Seems you were wrong, Miss. Jones.

(I know that Irish accent. It belongs to a certain Prince I know. I groan as I watch Chloe eyes light up with delight. I hadn't even heard the door open)

DJ: What part of ‘one-on-one interview’ was unclear to you?

Strafford: I’m the Oracle’s guardian. She doesn’ do anythin’ without me, wan. (Grins and takes a seat beside Chloe) Hello, you.
Chloe: (blushing like five shades of red) Hi.

DJ: (Rolling my eyes) ‘She doesn’t do anything without me’? How very Neanderthal of you.

Strafford: I didn’ mean it like tha’. I’m jus’...very protective of her, if you know wha’ I mean.

DJ: Okay, Edward.

Strafford: (frowns) Edward?

DJ: Never mind. If you insist on staying then I might as well interview you too.

Strafford: I thought you and I were going to chat another day?

DJ: We are, believe it. This is just the preliminary. 

Strafford: (smiles) I like you, wan.

(I roll my eyes and look away. This dude is too beautiful for his own good. Or mine. And that damn lip ring...)

DJ: Earth to Chloe. (She finally takes her eyes off of Strafford) Are you still with us?

Chloe: Yeah. Sorry. What was the question again?

DJ: Girl, I’m really gonna need you to get it together.

Chloe: (sits up straight, but side-glances Strafford, who is smiling at her) Okay. I’m ready. Ask me anything.

DJ: (laughing) Make sure you mean that first, then tell me again. But moving on, the Quad. How do you get along with all of them?

Chloe: We get along great, except that they love keeping secrets from me. But I blame him. (She jerks a thumb Strafford’s way)

DJ: You’ve got secrets, Strafford?

Strafford: Tons of them, wan.

DJ: Care to share any?

Strafford: (smiles) Maybe when I get you one-on-one.

DJ: (woah)(clears throat)(I wonder if Chloe knows who she’s dealing with here) Who is the first god you met?

Chloe: L.A.

DJ: The rockstar? How cool was that?

Chloe: Can’t even begin to describe it. I love his music and now I know him personally. How many people, mortal people, can say that?

DJ: (raises hand) I can. I’m interviewing him too at some point and plan on asking more about his music.

Strafford: And he agreed to this? (He’s frowning and I know why. Strafford does not like L.A. In fact, he despises him)

DJ: (smiling) Of course he did. Nobody turns me down.

Strafford: Interview is over. (Stands up and holds out his hand to Chloe)(Duh. She takes it)

DJ: (I also stand) If you insist, but I’ll be seeing you soon, Your Highness. (I smile, because we both know what’s going on)(He can run now, but he could never hide)(Not from me) Thanks for the interview, Chloe.

Chloe: (smiles) Thanks for having me. It was fun. (She’s either clueless to what's going on, or pretending to be)(I think the latter)

Strafford glares at me, then just like that, they’re gone. I instantly miss them. I laugh at myself and how I’ve once again let my imagination get the best of my reality. These are characters from my novel. They’re not real. Is Chloe the psychotic one, or am I?

I go into my kitchen and pour myself a glass of wine. Yes, wine. Staring out of the tiny kitchen window, I bring it up to my lips, but something catches my eye. I gasp and the glass slips from my fingers, smashing into a millions pieces as it collides with the tile. 

I couldn't care less. 

I yank open the curtain wider. Nothing can obstruct my view of this.

Because up in the clouds above my house, is a castle. And I’ve seen it before.

In my novel.

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