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Crack the Indie Author Code

Writing & Publishing Series

Written by Robert Chazz Chute

It's Free on Amazon — November 26 - 30


This is not your Grammy's book of writing and publishing advice. You can be a DIY hero and sell your books across the planet now. I'm not some dour grammarian out to scold you about writing rules. Saddle up, shoot your pistols in the air and join the publishing revolution.

Crack the Indie Author Code and Write Your Book: Aspire to Inspire give you all the motivation and inspiration you need to get your book written, published and discovered. Stop wishing and start writing!

  • The best deal of your life: Get inspired and stay inspired!
  • Save time & outline quickly: Why it's okay to write faster!
  • Plan your attack, execute it and get your books on paper and in pixels.
  • Surprise yourself and readers with intuitive mind tricks to break writer's block.
  • Use editing tools to make your writing life easier.
  • Avoid mistakes and stay on track.
  • Top 10 lists for writers to make you giggle and make you think.
  • Defend your psyche against bad editors and bad reviews.
  • Promotion: What to do and how much?
  • You could even get a free ebook for reading this one! Details inside!

Revamped with new material throughout, Crack the Indie Author Code and Write Your Book: Aspire to Inspire give you what you need to build your indie spirit and fill your head with savvy tactics boiled down from over 1,000 posts on the popular publishing blog, You will find valuable advice to turn your fleeting wishes into dreams acted upon. You can do it. Here's how.


Who should read this book?

As I write these words, I’m past 1,000 posts at If you want a quick, easy book about writing and publishing that’s taken the best I have to offer and stuffed it into a handy writer’s collection of information and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Each chapter, revamped and reloaded, comes from a different day on my blog. In this book (and volume 2, Write Your Book: Aspire to Inspire), I’ve tracked the journey, edited again and updated the information to give you the best chance of success in completing your book and promoting it so readers find it.

I looked back on years of blogging and, for these books, decided to share the best of the sort of advice you can dip into. I’ve been writing (and writing about writing) for years. From journalism school to the Banff Publishing Workshop to my time working in traditional publishing, words and being witty for a living are in my wheelhouse. I worked as a journalist for two major daily newspapers (back when that counted for something useful.) My first job in publishing was for Harlequin. I worked as a production assistant and then proofed books and evaluated the slush pile. Later I was a book publicist, a sales rep for many publishers, a freelance writer, speech writer, editor, and finally, an author.

I’ve taught, but I’m not a writing teacher. If you’re a writer, indie publisher or aspiring author, I’m a colleague. I share your struggles. I research advice from people who have topped the charts, but many of them either don’t know for sure how they got there or the path they took to writerly stardom is now closed to the rest of us. I am struggling alongside you, but I have a lot of experience to share.

For Crack the Indie Author Code (Book 1) and Write Your Book: Aspire to Inspire (Book 2), I’ve taken the blog posts that are most helpful. I’ve suggested inspiring action plans for you to consider as you write, edit and market that book in your head. The self-publishing terrain ahead is shifty and sometimes even fluid, but we can hike it and learn to swim if we need to.

You should read this book if you’re a writer or want to be. Published authors will find helpful reminders and some new things to consider in both books. Get your book out of your head and on the page. That’s Priority #1. After that? This book is a buffet. Take what you will, enjoy, and leave the rest. Thanks for reading.

Author Bio

Robert Chazz Chute (born 1964 - Gee, let's not speculate!) is in suspense (figuratively and literally) and loves funny, hardboiled fiction. He is a former newspaper journalist and magazine columnist who has worked in various worker drone capacities in book publishing's hive mind. The winner of seven writing awards and nominated for a Maggy, he writes surprising stories from his bunker office under a volcano somewhere in the Canadian Shield guarded by a clone army of ninja monkey assassins. He doesn't take himself too seriously, even when writing about himself in the third person. Only the suspense and heft of the literary merit should be taken seriously.

He also does a weekly podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio called All That Chazz. A word about titles: Please note that the ebook Sex, Death & Mind Control is neither porn nor is it gory. Jesus is in my titles, but it's pronounced "Hay-soose". Also, you don't have to be a stoner to love Self-help for Stoners. It's all twisted and twisty stories with gut punch endings to delight the reader and distract you from anything that pains you. The author is not available to help any new readers move, but he is handy with a rubber mallet if you are (a) close by, and (b) need anything or anyone malleted.