An enjoyable escape for romance lovers: Guided by a Gypsy by @LeslieBRamey


Guided by a Gypsy

Written by Leslie Ramey


Lilly’s life is turned upside down when she wakes up to discover her boyfriend doesn’t know who she is. Her past has caught up with her present and she is forced to reconnect with her family to save him. But first, she must gain an ally in his womanizing childhood friend.

Rich was content with his life of rotating women. Unfortunately for him, his life takes a drastic turn when the girl he’s secretly fawning over shows up at his house in tears. Now he’s forced to sacrifice his desires to save his best friend.

The clock is ticking and if Lilly and Rich don’t find a way to get along they just may lose everything.


"Guided by a Gypsy is a fun read. Personally, I really enjoyed Rich. He comes off with a chip on his shoulder and a tough guy attitude to boot, but inside he's a big softy. Will Lilly ever get to see that side of him? Will Rich get over his commitment phobia. And what about poor Leo?

The relationship between Lilly and Rich evolves nicely throughout the story as the attraction between them grows (as does their guilt about betraying Leo) and they are forced to reach out to Lilly's family...a very interesting bunch. The length of the novella makes this a fast-paced read with a strong flow and a satisfying ending.

Overall, an enjoyable escape for romance lovers."