NaNoWriMo Sneak Peek: All About Gwen by @bookwormlaura


All About Gwen

Written by Laura Gokey

Genre: Women's Fiction/Chick-Lit

NaNo Excerpt

“Repeat after me, if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.”

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.”

“Repeat after me, if you work hard, your dreams will become reality.”

“If you work hard, your dreams will become reality.”

“Thank you so much San Francisco for having me here today! Make sure to purchase a signed copy of my latest bestseller Chasing Rainbows: How to Catch Success as you leave! I wish I could stay and chat, but I have a very important date with my six-year-old daughter and her kindergarten graduation!” Gwen runs off stage to a mixture of laughter and applause and turns around for one last wave before her manager hands a bottle of sparkling water at exactly room temperature to her outstretched hand.

“You were fantastic yet again Gwen! The crowd loves you.”

“That’s because they don’t know any better. They pay all this money to see me when it’s just common sense really. None of those people out there will ever really be successful.” Gwen tries to smooth out some the wrinkles of her fabulous red business suit that she got on sale at Nordstrom last month. It’s Gwen’s favorite suit because it makes her feel so powerful and she always gets the best compliments when she wears it.

“Um, excuse me, Mrs. Sheppard?”

“Oh please, no autographs. I just don’t have the time for it! You can go buy one of my books out in the lobby like all the rest of them.” Gwen waves the man away without a care in the world.

She turns to see the sound guy pointing down to the microphone handing around her neck. “What I was going to say is that you’re still on.”

“Excuse me? Still on?”

“Ms. Sheppard, you’re microphone is still on.

Gwen follows the end of the sound guy’s finger and looks up in horror as she realizes that the whole room of people who pay her bills and allow her to live the life she does, just heard her blast them on the speakers. She stands there in shock as her faithful manager, Heath, takes the microphone from around her neck and disappears to the stage.

“Hello San Francisco! My name is Heath Holland, Mrs. Sheppard’s manager. I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming. Please help yourself to a complimentary drink at the bar on us! We hope that you’ve enjoyed your time here with us and don’t forget to purchase Ms. Sheppard’s new book before you leave. Thanks again and drive safely!” Heath exits the stage and he doesn’t look too happy. All Gwen wants to do is run and hide from him, but is reminded that he’s her ride home.

“Thanks for that.” Gwen flashes him her nicest smile, but it doesn’t work on him. Actually, come to think of it, it hasn’t worked the last five years he’s been her manager.