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Written by Stacy Juba
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NaNo Excerpt

As the family ahead of them boarded an antique car, Jaine gestured toward the track.

"We're next."

"I'll take pink, and you can guys can have the orange one," Amber said, peering at the line of approaching cars.

You guys?

"I thought we were all going together," Jaine said.

Amber huffed out a sigh, sounding just like when Shauna grew exasperated. Jaine couldn't help the prickle of smug satisfaction. Good luck during the teen years, sis. "I'm not a little kid," Amber said. "I can drive by myself. Right, Dylan?"

Dylan winked. "I think you can handle it. Tell you what. If you don't crash, I'll take you to get your Fairy Tale Adventures driver's license afterwards."

"Cool!" The college-aged ride operator beckoned her forward, and Amber climbed behind the steering wheel of the pink car. She waved at her aunt, smirking and looking quite pleased with herself.

"Relax, Aunt Jaine." Dylan clapped a hand on Jaine's shoulder. "It's not a go-cart. She'll be fine. Besides, we'll be right behind her."

Her concern must be visible in her face. Little did he know that Jaine wasn't worried about her niece, but rather about sitting close to him—minus their talkative tween chaperone—without her heart bursting out of her chest. Well, she hadn't blushed or turned all doe-eyed during their golf cart ride the previous night, and she was withstanding the touch to her shoulder without trembling, so she would survive this, too.

"Okay, but I get to drive," Jaine said as the operator nodded in the direction.

"I wonder if it's too late for me to hitch a ride with Amber," Dylan muttered, pushing open the gate.