Power always carries a price... Stormcaller by @rkmacpherson #fantasy


Power always carries a price...


By R. K. MacPherson


For Isaura Durand, homeless life on the streets of Seattle posed plenty of challenges. She didn’t ask to become a witch. She didn’t understand how it would change her, but when she awakens to her power, Isaura finds herself plunged into a brutal struggle with dark forces. Thrust into the heart of Seattle’s eldritch world, Isaura uncovers a series of ritual sacrifices designed to unleash magic’s true power upon the world. Allied with a grumpy Norwegian mage, a Native American shaman on a Harley, and a beautiful medic, Isaura must overcome her own demons and her growing list of enemies. Victory is anything but certain, and to survive, Isaura must embrace her potential and become the... STORMCALLER.


Reading both The Hobbit and The Bourne Identity in kindergarten set R. K. MacPherson's mind permanently in the clouds. Spinning tales just came naturally after that. He wrote his first novel to impress a girl in college, which failed to win her heart, but kept his mind thinking about "What if..."

R. K. MacPherson lives in Seattle, working as a writer in the video game industry (Aion, TERA). He draws upon a wide array of crazy adventures and careers in his writing, hoping to add as much authenticity as possible. He received his B.A. from Pacific Lutheran University and did graduate work in anthropology at Eastern New Mexico University. He's traveled and worked around the world, but loves life in the Pacific Northwest. He spends most of his time writing aboard his sailboat, bobbing along from world to the next.