4 books from Breathless Press - part 4 of 4 - featuring @RavenMcAllan


La Bella Isabella

By Raven McAllan


When your life is all arranged for you, there's only one thing to do—enjoy yourself while you can.

When Amanda finds out whom her parents have chosen for her to marry, it puts her into despair. The one man occupying her dreams is to be hers in name only. Determined to enjoy life before it's all too late, La Bella Isabella and Her Dancing Girls is formed.

The beautiful girl he keeps meeting by accident intrigues Harry. There is something familiar about her…he just cannot place.

A private performance by La Bella Isabella provides a little knowledge, but is a little knowledge a dangerous thing?


The snow was beginning to fall faster, and there were no cabs to be seen.

"Bloody hell, I'll be too cold to warm anyone up at this rate," he muttered as he slid through the thickening snow, his footsteps muffled by its depth. "My prick will be so shriveled up, it'll take a week to be normal again. Even with help."

So engrossed in keeping warm and muttering to himself, he heard nothing until a snort and a jangle of harness immediately behind him almost made him loose his footing.

A black carriage had drawn level.

"My lord," said a soft voice from inside, "this snow is getting thicker, and walking must be hazardous. As I trust there are no dogs out and about, I believe it is safer traveling in a carriage. May I give you a lift anywhere?"

He recognized that voice. So did his body. No, not a week, after all. He felt light-headed and somewhat giddy. Not even a minute.

"That would be kind...miss? Lady?"

She laughed. "Yes, wouldn't it. Now, if you wish, get in and tell my coachman where you are heading."

"Smithson Gardens," he said to the coachman, knowing that was near enough to his destination without revealing exactly where he was heading. He opened the door and swung inside, shutting it quickly after him to keep as much snow out as possible. The occupant was cloaked in dark velvet, a hood covering most of her face. She showed no inclination toward removing the hood.

"I do hope I'm not taking you out of your way," he remarked urbanely. "For I believe on our earlier meeting, you were heading in the opposite direction.

"I was, wasn't I, my lord? But as you see, now I am heading in this direction. And indeed, you will not take me out of my way."

Harry sat back against the squabs. It was definitely his damsel in distress. And she obviously felt secure enough to invite him into her carriage even though she had no companion. But who was she? Obviously quality, but surely no lady of quality who valued her reputation would be in a carriage without a companion, let alone would invite a gentleman to share it with her. "I feel you have the better of me. You know me, but do I know you?"

Again, that musical laugh.

"You feel so, my lord? I wonder why? Because I call you 'my lord'? Are you a lord?"

"I am. As to why? I thought I did feel so, perhaps I will feel so again."

Such gentle innuendo, but realized—and judging by the brief laugh he heard—appreciated. "Are you a lady?"

She considered. "Well, I am female, so that makes me a lady. Am I a lady? One of life's mysteries, my lord."

Harry moved slightly, so his thigh rested against her cloak. "I love a mystery."

"Oh, so do I."

The coach came to a halt. "I believe we have reached Smithson Gardens, my lord. Are you sure you do not want to be taken all the way to your destination? We wouldn't want you to catch a chill and be unable to...shall we say...help Lady Mellissa, would we?"

The minx! So she did know who he was! And about his involvement with Mellissa, something he was sure very few people were aware of.

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