Higher than Jesus by @RChazzChute - No cost to you November 19 - 23


Higher than Jesus

The Hit Man Series

Written by Robert Chazz Chute

It's Free on Amazon — November 19 - 23


Higher Than Jesus is the classic Bad versus Evil thriller: snappy dialogue, hot sex and clever violence. Funny and always surprising, this is the book for you.

You are Jesus Diaz, the sharp but luckless Cuban hit man, hunted by the FBI and the mob and failing miserably at group therapy. When you kill a bad guy on Christmas Day, you can’t anticipate the twisted chain of events that link Chicago’s violent underworld to the White House.

Secrets are revealed as badasses burn. Arms deals go sideways. Vicodin brings you up. Willow, the glamazon of your dreams, goes down. The stakes crank ever higher. You wanted a life in movies? Your life is a movie, but Happily Ever After could prove elusive. Strap in for a deadly new year.


"A quick-moving plot with lots of surprises and a clear-eyed examination of addiction (yes, the title refers to that kind of high), this is another great installment in the ongoing "Hitman" series. Looking forward to future adventures."




Thirteen years ago, Tia Marta taught you how to please a woman who was hard to please. She took away your name and beat the Cuban accent out of you. She also taught you the word “sidle”, which, she explained, was acting sneaky and casual at the same time. “It pays to improve your word power,” she said, waving a Reader’s Digest.

“Get on your knees, boy. You may look me in the eyes if I see love and devotion in them. If I do not see love and devotion, I’ll take out one of your lovely brown eyes.” Tia Marta taught you English. She taught you how to lie well, when to hate and how to kill.

Early on in your confinement in a Miami basement, you once dared to complain to your other captor, the Bug Man, how terribly mean Tia Marta was.

“Actually,” the Bug Man replied, “Marta’s little bits of fun sound pretty close to my British boarding school experience.” Then he slipped a plastic bag over your head until you almost passed out.

He did that several times until you lost consciousness, but somehow, lots of brain cells survived. For instance, you remember the word “sidle” and tonight you used that knowledge in the commission of a murder.

Author Bio

Robert Chazz Chute (born 1964 - Gee, let's not speculate!) is in suspense (figuratively and literally) and loves funny, hardboiled fiction. He is a former newspaper journalist and magazine columnist who has worked in various worker drone capacities in book publishing's hive mind. The winner of seven writing awards and nominated for a Maggy, he writes surprising stories from his bunker office under a volcano somewhere in the Canadian Shield guarded by a clone army of ninja monkey assassins. He doesn't take himself too seriously, even when writing about himself in the third person. Only the suspense and heft of the literary merit should be taken seriously.

He also does a weekly podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio called All That Chazz. A word about titles: Please note that the ebook Sex, Death & Mind Control is neither porn nor is it gory. Jesus is in my titles, but it's pronounced "Hay-soose". Also, you don't have to be a stoner to love Self-help for Stoners. It's all twisted and twisty stories with gut punch endings to delight the reader and distract you from anything that pains you. The author is not available to help any new readers move, but he is handy with a rubber mallet if you are (a) close by, and (b) need anything or anyone malleted.