For Women Only, A Novel Approach to Depression in Women: written by @londontracy44



For Women Only

A Novel Approach to Depression in Women

By London Tracy

"Mandatory reading for every female between 16 and 65."
-Jennifer Marsh, M.D., New York, New York

The Unrelenting Blues

Feeling blue and hopeless, but not sure why?

Is depression robbing you of your zest for life? Is there an emptiness hovering over you, morning, noon and night that you just can't shake? Does the thought of a restful night's sleep seem like a thing of the past?

If this description sounds familiar, this book has beneficial information for you. The author will explain how many times depression is caused by a hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, which can easily be cured by replenishing these deficiencies with natural medicine.

With millions of women struggling with depression, the author believes that these women should be made aware of all of their options in resolving their depression and not just the options with the best profit margins.

London Tracy is a self-proclaimed researcher, investigator and advocate for women's health. "For Women Only" is a compilation of everything that the author has researched and experienced about hormonal depression is women.

"If you want to know why so many women suffer from depression, read this book."
-Rick Morris, Ph.D, Chicago, Illinois


"When I say that this book saved my life, I mean it. I am a woman in my late 30's and for the last few years, I have been plagued with this nonspecific depression, in other words, I have been depressed for no reason and I could not figure out why. I was constantly preoccupied with death and ending it all because I did not want to continue living with this much gloom. Luckily for me, I found this ebook that answered all my questions and literally saved my life. I learned that my depression was caused by a hormone imbalance that I easily rectified with over the counter hormone cream. When I say this book saved my life, I truly mean it."

"Sometimes I must admit I felt confused as I talked with a dear friend and Spiritual Partner of mine. As a man, I just didn't completely grasp what she experienced although she tried desperately to help me see life from her perspective. She seemed to lack a life spirit that I thought I remembered her to have - the zest for life was gone. Then, by accident, (well there are no accidents) I was introduced to this book. At the outset I thought little about it, but as I spent time over the past few days reading it has been like a curtain has been removed and I now see more clearly what my friend has been going through.

Well written, clear and profoundly insightful - that's how I'd describe this amazing work. I highly recommend it to any woman who wishes to know more about why she is feeling what she is feeling and better still what to do about it."


I am an author, freelance writer and screenwriter. I have a degree in psychology and screenwriting. My favorite type of book is mostly in the nonfiction category, such as self-improvement and metaphysics. My latest books published include: "For Women Only, a Novel Approach to Depression in Women," "Publish Your Screenplay on Kindle" and "Your Life Story Could Be a Best Seller."