Did you help us with the @DianthaJones and @craigt1 blog tours last month?


It's confession time!

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to do anything with this addled brain of mine. What I'm not surprised about is how confused and disoriented I get when I try out a new idea. Usually my problem is figuring out a way of keeping track of things, organizing myself.

Last month I organized two blog tours, one for Diantha Jones and the other for Craig Thompson. Since my goal is to reward bloggers for helping me with tours, I need a way to keep track of who posts for each tour. I thought I could keep track of it by email. I asked the bloggers to email me when their post went live.

Did it work?

I'm sure it did on their end, but on mine? Hardly. I remember seeing the emails come in, but because I didn't document each URL as it crossed my vision, they are now lost in my inbox. I could search for them, but that would take too much effort, so much heartache that I would probably never do another blog tour again.

I've even been asked when I'm going to do another blog tour. The answer is simple: not until I figure out how to organize myself. I'm already two tours behind. Anyway, I have another idea, and I think it will work much better.

Use a Blog List

of the

by Diantha Jones

This is very similar to the email way, except the list of blog posts is kept in one place that I can easily find. So, if you helped out with Diantha's Prophecy of the Most Beautiful tour, list your post below.


by Craig Thompson

If you helped out with the Craig Thompson OMAR tour, include your link in this second spot. Thanks.