His Prey by D. F. Krieger - Breathless Press #excerpt


His Prey

By D. F. Krieger


Nyna is willing to be a sacrifice, but is she willing to make a sacrifice to keep his love?

Given as sacrifice to the Wahya to ensure the safety of her tribe, Nyna must prove that despite being prey, she is worthy of being the mate of a hunter. When a great threat shadows the Wahya and Awahi, Nyna has to choose between her courage to fight for what she loves, or her place in her husband's eyes.


He neared the clearing just as the need to pant started to cause his mouth to loll open. Wary of the lack of cries, Atian raised his muzzle and scented the air. It gave him a wealth of information and he paused, sorting through it all.

She was there. The prey he’d never seen was waiting within the clearing. The bitter scent of tears and fear did not cling to her as he had been cautioned it would. Instead, a deeper scent, one that spoke of challenge and quiet anger, met him. With caution, he stepped closer to see the prey.

A female sat on the stone within, her eyes closed, her body seemingly at rest. Her dark hair fell to her waist, her skin hinted at a tan that spoke of many hours in the sun. The curves of her breasts pushing at her grass-woven garment indicated she was well developed and old enough to give the gift of life. The paintings on her body told her story.

Strong, smart, mature, talented.

This female made a worthy sacrifice. Atian knew it was now his job to show that the Wayha accepted what the Awahi had to offer. He stepped forward, his movements confident, as he prepared to stroll into the clearing and taste her fear at the sight of him.

His paw landed on a twig, snapping it with ease. To his shock, the female's eyes opened and, faster than expected, she shifted and fled.

Fled? She wasn't supposed to flee!

The hunters of the past had already told him that the females always cowered at the tablet, tears in their eyes as they begged for mercy. Instead, this female had shifted into her deer form and bounded off.

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