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A Mistress for Magnus

By Ann B. Harrison


Is Kate prepared to trade six months as Magnus' mistress to save the home and people she loves?

The death of Kate's mother sends her father on a gambling spree that he keeps hidden from his family. When the will is read after his death she finds out how bad things are and can see no way out, except one.

In a desperate attempt to save her home and the people she loves, Kate offers her neighbour water rights to the largest dam in the area that also happens to be on her land. What follows is an introduction to a world of passionate sex that she doesn’t want to give up after the contract ends. Kate also didn't expect to fall in love with him.

Magnus is intrigued with Kate after years of having women drop at his feet and granting him his every desire. On a whim, he adds an extra clause to the contract—she is to be his mistress for six months.


Magnus held the lead rope tight as a slight shadow filled the doorway. The mare skittered around, startled by the figure hesitantly coming toward them.

"Mr. Lane?" A soft female voice quivered slightly as the words were spoken.

"Yes," he answered as he steady the mare, his hands soothing her. "And you are?"

"Kate. Kate Holden."

She was a good head shorter than him, her dark brown hair tucked under a dusty, battered Akubra. The red and black checked shirt which had seen better days hung on her slight frame; the sleeves rolled up to her elbows showed tanned arms. Her jeans, faded and dirty, were tucked into scuffed brown boots. She looked like a homeless waif.

"What can I do for you, Miss Holden?" A strange feeling tingled his scalp. Crossing his arms, Magnus watched the emotions roll over her face, a face that belonged to a Botticelli angel, not a dusty cowgirl. He suddenly realized he craved this woman with a passion that almost frightened him. Magnus pushed the feelings down and tried to concentrate on her next words.

"You were trying to negotiate with my father, weren't you?" she asked.

He nodded his head, not trusting himself to speak until he knew what she wanted.

"You wanted to buy us out, but that's something I can't do. I wondered if you'd be interested in buying water rights instead?" Kate was wary of the man in front of her. She stood dead still even though her heart thudded. With his heavily muscled arms, he looked every inch the hard businessman her father had warned her about. She had no choice. She had to try and talk him into buying what she had to offer.

"I hardly think this is the place to conduct a business meeting, Miss Holden," he said, looking down at her, a frown marring his brow."But if you would care to come up to my office we can continue this conversation. Jock, would you mind putting the mare back in her stall please?"

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