Indiscriminate Slaughter by @stillstorygirl #NaNoWriMo


Indiscriminate Slaughter

Written by Barbara Huffert

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NaNo Excerpt

We’d never had the best of relationships, my father and I. Mainly because my mother was insane. Partly because he didn’t know how to deal with me, despite of those parenting classes he taught. I learned early on that I didn’t come first, that I would never come first.

We lived in our own little dysfunctional corner of the world, playing the game as required, putting on happy faces when confronted with outsiders. Not so unusual. Everyone does that to some extent. Show me someone who claims not to and I’ll show you a liar. But I digress. I was yammering about family interactions. I suppose rocky could best be used to describe our day-to-day coexistence.

No need to feel sorry for me. The last thing I’d ever want is your pity. Oh sure, once I started school I realized how unlike other families mine was. But it was what I knew. I managed because I had to.

As you might expect I never was much of a child. I didn’t have that luxury. I was too busy surviving. That’s what one does when saddled with an alcoholic parent and an enabler. I did fairly well too. Oh hell, I was spectacular! Still am. After all, I’m still here, still surviving, still functional. And I haven’t killed off too many people. Not yet anyway.

Ah, now I see I have your attention. Good. I’m not anyone you’d notice but, if you have any ounce of sense in your being you will realize that I am someone you should pay attention to. I downplay it the majority of the time but make no mistake, I am a force to be reckoned with. Always have been and to some extent, I attribute that to my upbringing or lack there of.

I am a storyteller. I was from the very beginning. A writer in my own mind way before I ever learned to put pencil to paper and I assure you that was something I did at an extremely young age. I suppose it was my school teaching great aunt that taught me. Reading as well as writing. She was the only one who would have had the patience. Or I may have taught myself. Who knows? I’m certain I was capable of it. That and just about anything else you might come up with. Oh. Did I neglect to mention that I’m a genius? Damn brilliant if you want the truth. That’s something else I tend to shield from the general public. If I didn’t, I never would have gotten away with all I have.

Bet you’re really curious now, aren’t you? I’m sure there are a whole slew of questions you’re just dying to ask. I wouldn’t advise it. This, for now anyway is a monologue and you’d be interrupting. That would be very rude of you. In fact, you might annoy me to the extent that you are bumped up on my list. Most definitely there is a list but I’m flexible. You may not think so, with the robotic appearance of my daily activities but I assure you I am. Yes, that’s another illusion I maintain, being vapid and predictable with just a pinch of scatterbrained mixed in. So, unless you want to be bumped up closer to the top, you better watch yourself around me. I can tell you’re wondering what you’re doing on my list at all. That one is easy. You see, everyone deserves to die and you are no exception.

Author Bio

My name is Barbara Huffert. That's who I am when I write and on twitter too. My book is called Indiscriminate Slaughter and I've even made up a mock cover which I've attached. I listed it as Satire, Humor, Parody and this is the blurb - A tale of murder and mayhem and why some people are better never crossed because everyone deserves to die.

Indiscriminate Slaughter is a bit different for me but I decided to use NaNoWriMo as a challenge in that way too. So far I've published erotic romance but I'm ready to try something new.