Young Adult Science Fiction: Prossia by @RaphyelMJordan #review


Written by Raphyel M. Jordan

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

Trying to grow up in a galaxy full of advanced technologies and people who’ve isolated you from society is one thing, but trying to grow up in a galaxy where you can end up dead by poking your head around the corner of a burning tree or crumbling building is another! When a race of aliens known as the Cyogen return and oppose the galactic rule of order known as Truth’s Grace in a far off galaxy, a young Goolian named Alytchai is thrown into such a world in order to protect her tiny speck of a galaxy she calls home.

Even though her race is considered naturally skilled in the art of combat, Aly’s physical and mental differences in processing things make her question if she can be the servant and defender her planet has called to be. Fortunately for her, Aly finds support by looking to a group of both local and off-world creatures that she can always rely on when her confidence on and off the battlefield is questioned. Then again, some of the people she thought she could trust have their own series of conspiracies and dark secrets that might jeopardize everything that Aly has been taught to believe and trust her entire life.

So how will this Young One from the middle of nowhere overcome these issues while engaging in the horrors of war? Can she overcome the Cyogen? Can she overcome the war? Can she overcome herself?

Walki's Rating

Walki's Review

PROSSIA is a sci-fi novel about an inter-planetary war in another galaxy. Refreshingly it doesn't feature any Earthlings; however the people featured are not so psychologically different, including when it comes to differences between genders.

The main character is Alytchai of the Kutenbriun tribe (Aly). She lives on the planet Gooliun with her father Shanvi. Her best friend is Cattalice (Catty). They're referred to as greenies by peoples from other planets, as Gooliun is mostly covered by trees where they train their agility skills. The Goolian culture has a rule that the Sungstra are never told of their true nature by anyone. Aly is a Sungstra; she cannot produce or control the power of her being; she cannot produce and throw orbs of energy like most other Goolians. But this is about to change.

Goolians train for combat from a young age. Aly is seventeen (universal) years old, and about to be drafted with her father to go to war. The Allies have once again to fight the deadly Cyogen. The Allies are the Goolian, Argutain, Ufrian, Hethroycken, Requely, and a few more peoples from their galaxy. Occasionally mentioned, but hardly seen is a third faction: Prossia, the pacifists, believed to have disbanded.

The aliens talk with their own language structure (one shared throughout their galaxy) that is also reproduced in the narrative, lending more presence to their galactic worlds and grounding them positively. Characters are quite well developed and very likeable. Each stands out clearly defined with their racial and personal qualities amongst the diversity of races. While the dynamics in their interactions were generally entertaining and realistic, there were once or twice moments of uncharacteristic psychology. I have to say that the final cliffhanger left me a bit disconcerted. I could have done with a few more details, but Raphyel Jordan chose to leave one of his characters cloaked with a shadow of mystery.

PROSSIA reads well and easily, like a Young-Adult novel, but can be appreciated by adults all the same. The author created here a brave new world where everything could be so quickly lost to war, as easily as on planet Earth. Part of the reader would want Raphyel Jordan to have stayed in the green peace of the planet Gooliun (and I mean this in a positive way).

Review Disclaimer: This book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The above review was not influenced in any way, including financial.